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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 21 February 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Nicola Brown of Dunedin nominated 'Something in the Water' - Brooke Fraser

1:25 NZ Live - Auckland's Mamaku Project on NZ Live with Pacifica dub/reggae and jazz.

2:10 South Sea Vagabonds - Bruce Ansley - In 1933, a Young Aucklander built his own 35 foot cutter with scraps of wood salvaged from the Hauraki Gulf, tar scraped up from  from the roads and then baked in his mother's stove and literally some number 8 wire. Johny Wray had a budget of just 8 pounds 10 for his boat, Ngataki. He  set sail on an adventure around the Pacific. In 1939, he wrote a book about his journey that has become a Kiwi Classic:  South Sea Vagabonds. The newly renovated yacht is going to be launched later this year along with a new edition of the book.   We have images of the Ngataki  on our Facebook page and Website. Bruce Ansley, an esteemed author in his own right, will be writing the new introduction for the new edition of South Sea Vagabonds. . He is would like to hear from anyone who has a story to tell about the man whose story still resonates today.

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2:20 Chatbus - Katy Gosset - Later on the show, what's worrying our 11 year olds ? Katy Gosset visits a unique counsellling service in Dunedin.

2:30 Reading - Peta Mathias with another extract from her book- 'Fête Accompli'.  
Peta's first restaurant 'Rose Blues" gets off to a shaky start, and running it  wears her down to a frazzle.
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The Jean-Pierre-Bernac Musette Ensemble: 'C'est Si Bon' from the album Bon Voyage - France/Holiday in France  [CDM 4001]  Dur:0:45
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Book: Fête Accomplie by Peta Mathias Pub:  Random House (31 Jul 1995) ISBN-978-1869412487

2:45 Feature album - Hopes and Fears - Keane (2004)

3:08 One Stop Shop - The weekend's coming up and for a recipe we're turning this week to Sachie Nomura from Sachie's Kitchen. Belinda Jackson's wine selections and Sarah McMullan's movie reviews. Dallas Buyers Club and All is Lost.
Fresh Fast Food - Sachie Nomura - Steamed salmon & mushroom parcel with ponzu dressing

Weekend Wine - Belinda Jackson  

Lindauer Rose - $10
Tiki Sauvignon Blanc 2013 - $20
Ostler Blue House Riesling 2012 - towards $30
Movies - Sarah McMullan 
Dallas Buyers Club:****.5
All is Lost:  ***
Inside Llewyn Davis: ***.5

3:40 Art Deco Weekend in Napier -  Every year, the city destroyed by New Zealand's worst natural disaster in 1931 celebrates it's  renaissance into an Art Deco treasure. This weekend, thousands of people looking like extras from Downton Abbey will be walking the streets of Napier enjoying the annual Art Deco celebration.This year, there is an emphasis on aviation, with planes from the First World War on display, including one owned by Sir Peter Jackson.  Sally Jackson is the manager of the Art Deco Trust.

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4:06 Ali Jones and Barry Corbett are on The Panel today: Treasury opens the books, it's D-Day for the apology to Colin Craig if Russell Norman is going to provide one. Should auction houses be selling ivory, even old ivory? Research on hitmen. Hitmen - and the odd woman - exist in real life, but how clever and they and how deadly? Research New Zealand poll results this afternoon on a whole range of topics, what you think about a new flag, about a republic, about asset sales. Do you like Telecom's new name? And is there something wrong with jury service now, the busy being called up a lot and the idle not at all?