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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 20 February 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - John Horrell of Wellington nominated 'I Wonder' by Rodriguez  

1:25 Your Place on a Thursday, it's Motutapu - the Hauraki Gulf island northeast of Auckland - part of a Maritime Park and one of the earliest Maori settlements in the North.

2:10 Epic Trip - Ashley Blair - One hundred years ago, a young man from Waipori, Otago took off on his 1912 Humber motorcycle and headed for Nelson. Eric Knight had no road signs or accurate maps to follow. This was just the journey of a young man in search of adventure before he would be sent to fight in the First World War. Fast forward one hundred years, and Eric Knight's grandson, Ashley Blair has just made the same journey on a 1914 Humber motorbike to honor his Grandfather. Blair has just completed the 870 Kms journey.

2:20 5th Hole In One - Glad Cross - Most golfers would give just about anything to do once what 91-year-old Glad Cross of Wanaka has done 5 times. She's just made her 5th hole in one... on the 15th hole with a 102 metre fairway at the Wanaka Golf Course. She's been playing golf for 55 years. The golf course is not the only place where Glad shines. This weekend she will be aiming for her 24th bowls championship at the Wanaka Bowling club.  Glad Cross is on the line with us now from Wanaka.

2:30 Reading - Life, death and marriage all feature in today's extracts from our book - Fête Accomplie by Peta Mathias. And we get a  full loaded picture of the French Bistro for good measure.
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The Jean-Pierre-Bernac Musette Ensemble: 'C'est Si Bon' from the album Bon Voyage - France/Holiday in France  [CDM 4001]  Dur:0:45
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Book: Fête Accomplie by Peta Mathias Pub:  Random House (31 Jul 1995) ISBN-978-1869412487

2:45 Feature album - Angel Clare - debut solo album by Art Garfunkel, from 1973.

3:10 Love Soup - David Steemson - Two Tokoroa women who've launched their own Love Soup kitchen for the town's needy, want to expand into west Auckland.  Link:

3:20 Whisky Galore - Lucy Burns from BBC 'Witness' - In February 1941, a ship carrying nearly 30,000 cases of whisky was wrecked off the Scottish island of Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides. The islanders began to salvage the bottles from the wreck - and the incident later became the inspiration for the film "Whisky Galore".


3:30 Fireworks - Ruth Beran - Anthony Lealand from Firework Professionals takes Ruth Beran on a tour of his pyrotechnic facility in Christchurch, and explains the chemistry and physics of fireworks, how they are manufactured, and demonstrates some of the different sounds they make

Stories from Our Changing World.

4:06 Duncan Webb and Lisa Scott are on The Panel today: Speculation about an early election; the prosecution of the elderly couple on the Kapiti Coast for removing trees on their property, the plot of Gravity isn't that far-fetched scientists are saying, there's a rogue satellite up there which could cause a chain reaction. New rules on bullying in the workplace, are they workable? And marijuana - should we be countenacing more medicinal use of it here, and is it really true, whate we referred to yesterday, the claim bu UCLA researchers that drinking and driving is ten times more dangerous than smoking and driving.