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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 30 January 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - 'On the Platform' by Goanna nominated by
Jodie Bruning of Omokoroa.

1:25 Your Place -  Clarence AKA Clarence Bridge

2:10 Unclimbed Peak - Shelley Hersey
Fate kept climbers  Paul and Shelley Hersey  away from an expedition to be the first to climb Anidesha Chuli in the Himalayas. Climbers call it White Wave.  Last year, a team of New Zealanders were just 400 from the top when an  avalance swept one of the climbers 90 metres down the mountain leaving him with a serious concussion.  They were rescued, but the dream of being the first to climb the 6,800 metre peak in a tricky part of the Eastern Himalays, was over. Now Paul and Shelley will be having another go at it. They leave in April with one other climber to attempt to be the first to ascend the White Wave.

The link:

2:20 Imperium Romana - John Maine
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears as I bring news of a group of New Zealanders who spend time in the year 138-AD.
Imperium - Romana isn't your typical historical re-enactment club that focuses on jousting or fighting.
There's a role for everyone in from nobles, to slaves... gladiators to  Roman guards. The club formed in 2009 and meets monthly.
Members make most of their own costumes and even fraternise with Vikings and  Knights from other  historic re-enactment clubs.
We have a link on our Facebook page and website.  
They are often asked to take part in events... Later this month, members in full costume will appear at the Waikato Museum's Roman Machines: Julius Caesar - Military Genius and Mighty Machines opening.  
There are more than 30 members in the Auckland based club. John Maine is the club President.

The link:

2:30 Reading - Episode 9 of 'Under the Huang Jiao Tree'  by Jane Carswell.
Barnaby Taylor: 'Descendants of the Dragon'  (Taylor) rom the Production Music CD  'Chinese History'  [Bruton Music Ltd  BR470]
Miao Xiaoyun:  'Moon Birds' (trad) from the Production Music CD 'China, Mongolia and Tibet'  (Atmosphere Music Ltd)

2:45 Feature album - 'Trouble Will Find Me' by American indie rock band The National, nominated for Best Alternative Music Album at the last Grammy Awards. The National play Vector Arena on Tuesday night.

3:10 Ted Bundy - Paul Schuster from BBC 'Witness'
Going back  25 years to the execution by electric chair of one of America's most notorious serial killers - Ted Bundy. Paul Schuster from the BBC history programme 'Witness' has been speaking his defence lawyer.

3:20  'Meet Peter' - Justin Gregory - Filmmaker Gemma Duncan and veteran caver Peter Crossley have begun shooting a short documentary deep inside Auckland's extensive network of lava caves. Gemma says her inspiration for the film Meet Peter came from going underground for the first time, an experience she describes as "surreal".

3:30   Great Spotted Kiwi in Arthurs Pass - Alison Ballance - Great spotted kiwi are the largest of New Zealand's five species of kiwi. Arthur's Pass is the only 'urban centre' where they can be regularly heard, and the Arthur's Pass Wildlife Trust has been monitoring 28 different kiwi using smart radio transmitters. Alison Ballance joins the team for a spot of kiwi listening.

4:06 Garry Moore and Tim Watkin are on The Panel today: The ability of teachers to look into students' bags, not actually search them, to take cellphones away, not actually look at the text messages. Are Len Brown's council meeting problems going to go away or will the media make sure they don't? Do we want to change the flag? We're asking you this today, as well. There's a poll running on our website,, which you can get to through our facebook page if you like. And if you want to email and text me this afternoon about this, I'd be interested in what design there'd be if we did get a new flag. What do you want? something simple like a fern or a blending of colours and motifs to signify the weaving of cultures? And the TSB ad on the tele, the battling little bank that wouldn't sell out to the Aussie raiders in their fancy helicopter. How closely does this depiction resemble reality? You may remember we once punctured the advertising myth about the way