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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 23 January 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Garth Parry of New Caledonia nominated 'Taxi' by Harry Chapin.

1:25 Your Place - Clyde (Central Otago) 

2:10 Steve's Model Shop - Steve McDonald - For more than 30 years, Steve McDonald and his wife, Val have have gone to work every day so other people can play. Steve's Model Shop opened in Papakura in 1978 selling . model railways, remote controlled planes and cars .. doll houses and military wargame pieces.  Now demand for the kinds of hands-on modeling toys they sell is declining, and enthusiasts often go online to buy what they want. So Steve and Val Val have decided it's time to retire and close the shop.

2:20 'The Black Out Bar' - Dale Booth - The time has also come for Dale Booth to move on from a hobby that made him the envy of rugby fans around the country.His garage is a shrine to the All Blacks complete with a three tiered grandstand.. pie warmer and wall to wall posters and memorabilia.It is THE place to watch rugby games.During the 2011 Rugby World cup, fans from around the world dropped in on him to see what he calls "The Black Out bar. But Dale's family has outgrown their invercargill home,and the house is on the market... complete with one of the best man caves in new Zealand.

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2:30 Reading - Denise O'Connell with part 4 of 'Under the Huang Jiao Tree'
Jane Carswell's reflective and absorbing account of living and working in China, and the profound impact it had on her personal search for connection and community. But it  isn't fun all the way. The teaching day is long and gruelling and the school is short of resources.   Jane begins to feel homesick.
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Barnaby Taylor: 'Descendants of the Dragon'  (Taylor) rom the Production Music CD  'Chinese History'  [Bruton Music Ltd  BR470]
Miao Xiaoyun:  'Moon Birds' (trad) from the Production Music CD 'China, Mongolia and Tibet'  [Atmosphere Music Ltd]

2:45 Feature Album - After the Gold Rush - third studio album by Canadian musician Neil Young from 1970

3:10  Eight Years A Slave - Vincent Dowd of BBC Witness - Solomon Northup was born a free man in America, but in 1848 he was kidnapped into slavery in the South. After his escape from captivity - his book was published under the title Twelve Years A Slave. His story has now been made into a highly acclaimed film directed by Steve McQueen.
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3:20 The USS Nautilus - Claire Bowes
The world's first ever nuclear-powered submarine was launched. The USS Nautilus was regarded as the first 'true' submarine as it could submerge for months. It soon shattered all underwater speed and distance records and played a crucial role in the cold war. We hear from one of the original crewmembers.
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3:30 Stoat Trapping in Arthurs Pass - Alison Ballance - Residents of the tiny settlement of Arthur's Pass, in the middle of Arthur's Pass National Park, began trapping stoats a few years ago and the local wildlife has really benefitted from the nearly 4000 hours of volunteer effort to date. Graeme Kates from the Arthur's Pass Wildlife Trust takes Alison Ballance to meet a nearby whio, or blue duck, that lives just metres from the State Highway.
The link: Arthur's Pass Wildlife Trust

4:06 Steve McCabe and Liz Bowen-Clewley are on The Panel today: The PM's education announcements, do mortgage rates really need to rise, is there anything wrong with people over-50 wanting to congregate together in apartment housing? Is it time to do something about unsolicited car window-washing? And the police reap millions of dollars from the new lowered speeding tolerances.