1:10   Best Song Ever Written -  Bob Dylan - A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall. Nominated by
Johnny Gibson of Christchurch

1:20 - Critical Mass
     TV  -  Phil Wallington
     Books  -  Graham Beattie - "Stoner"  by John Williams
     Music  -  Nick Atkinson

ARTIST:    Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings    
TITLE:        Retreat        
COMP:    Bosco Man    
DUR:        3' 30"
ALBUM:    Give The People What They Want
LABEL:     Daptone

ARTIST:    Andrew Keoghan
TITLE:        Better Company
COMP:    Andrew Keoghan
DUR:        55" excerpt
ALBUM:    Unreleased

Web - Ele Ludemann

3 Destructive Behaviors We Fall Back On When Arguing And How to Fix Them:

The Good Wolf Manifesto  

The dullest blog in the world - by Dave Walker 

2:10  Armed, Ready. And, Waiting - Dave Veart - The very real threat New Zealand - and particularly Auckland - was exposed to during World War Two has been revealed in a film, which blends historical images with 3D and animation technology. The film also portrays the frantic efforts by the Government of the time, to build defences to protect the country from its enemies. And the Auckland men behind the film - historian-archaeologist Dave Veart (pron vert) and film-maker Chris Keenan - have been surprised to discover how few New Zealanders are aware of how great that threat actually was.

2:20  The sixth annual Global Game Jam - Bill Rogers
Computer-game fanatics will put their creative heads together this weekend, at the annual Global  Game Jam.
Eighty countries are taking part in the weekend-long jam, which is now in its sixth year. In New Zealand, they will gather in Hamilton and Auckland…where they will have 48 hours to come up with innovative new computer games.
Jim Mora talks with one of the organisers, Bill Rogers, who is also a senior lecturer in computer sciences at Waikato University.

The link: www.globalgamejam.org.nz

2:30  NZ Reading - "Under the Huang Jiao Tree: Two Journeys in China" by Jane Carswell
Barnaby Taylor: 'Descendants of the Dragon'  (Taylor) rom the Production Music CD  'Chinese History'  [Bruton Music Ltd  BR470]
Miao Xiaoyun:  'Moon Birds' (trad) from the Production Music CD 'China, Mongolia and Tibet'  [Atmosphere Music Ltd]

2:45  Feature Album -  High Hopes - the new one from Bruce Springsteen, just out, and already Number One in the UK.  
3:10  Treating anorexia in a new way - Dr. Anita Johnston - A new approach from Hawaii is giving hope for recovery. It doesn't focus on weight, but the issues that drive disordered eating.

3:30  The Africa to Aotearoa project - Veronika Meduna  - New Zealand is the last major landmass to be settled as part of humanity's long journey out of Africa. The Africa to Aotearoa project, led by University of Otago anthropologist Lisa Matisoo-Smith, is drawing a map of the genetic make-up of New Zealand's population.

3:45  The Panel Pre-Show - Zoe George

4:06  Graham Bell and Bernard Hickey are on The Panel today: The discontent in Auckland over T-lanes, which you can use in your car depending on how many people are in your car.  And over cyclists, not just in Auckland, running red lights. Kim Dotcom's new album, the game-changing invention that let's you steal television signals, the Miss Piggy letter to a customer that got an employee fired, and a discussion once again about the vagaries of employment law. And the sorts of silly questions you can expect to be asked in job interviews now.