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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 20 January 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Rob Ayling of San Diego nominated Wichita Lineman - Glenn Campbell.

1:25 Eight Months to Mars - British tenor, Paul Potts.


2:10  Book for kids to cope with Quake Stress - Michele Lagatule
A book written by two Christchurch women - to help the region's children deal with the stress of the earthquakes - has been endorsed by the director of Civil Defence, John Hamilton. The book - called Mother Earth and the Quakeia Babies - aims to explain to children what happens during a quake, in a light-hearted way.
The book link

2:20  Shipwrecked Play Returns - Paul Stephanus - A Wellington theatre company is continuing to break with tradition, by holding performances in very unique venues. For the third time, Bard Productions is presenting a play on Matiu/Somes Island, in Wellington Harbour. And, while audiences may be accustomed to being checked for recording devices when attending certain performances, they get checked for a whole lot more for this play…
It's a Shakespeare-adaption, called "A Tempest off Matiu/Somes Island."

Performances of A Tempest off Matiu/Somes Island run February 6-15 at 7.20pm, from Queens Wharf.

2:30 Reading - We begin a new book reading today --  'Under the Huang Jiao Tree: Two Journeys in China' written by Jane Carswell. Her reflective and absorbing account of living and working in China, and the profound impact it had on her personal search for connection and community.
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CD: BPM2016 "China Mongolia and Tibet", Tk 13 'Moon Birds', Trad: Miao Xiaoyun. Atmosphere Music Ltd.
CD: BR470 "Chinese History",

2:45 Feature album -  'No Line on the Horizon' - U2 (2009)

3:10 Feature Author - Valerie Lawson - The Nanny who dropped in on 17 Cherry Tree Lane with her parrot headed umbrella and bottomless bag made of carpet is a beloved childhood character for millions of people around the world.
But the woman who created Mary Poppins was far from being practically perfect in every way. Born Helen Lyndon Goff in Queensland, Australia... the author of Mary Poppins changed her name to PL Travers and wrote not one,but 6 books about the mysterious nanny to the Banks family. Now a movie based on PL Travers' cantankerous relationship with Walt Disney, Saving Mr Banks, is about to be released in New Zealand.
It's based in part on the first definitive biography about the elusive author.
Former arts editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, Valerie Lawson spent years going through the Disney archives and 30 boxes of documents for her book "Mary Poppins, She Wrote: The Life of P.L. Travers".

3:30 Following The Footsteps - Lynda Chanwai-Earle - Lynda Chanwai-Earle with her first story of the year about our local-born and immigrant ethnic minority communities. Today she's at Parliament to meet ten young Kiwis. They're freshly returned from an epic journey across China following the footsteps of legendary humanitarian, Rewi Alley:

4:06 The Panel - Andrew Clay and Elleen Read are on the first Panel of the year with us. Serious assaults in the street and what to do about them. Neknominating, the new drinking game, how seriously should we regard this? There's been a lot of tut-tutting. Using one of the immortal duets in opera to promote Kiwirail. The new shock advertisements to promote safety at intersections where the two men get out and talk to each other before the crash.  The security around the Auckland mayor and the rise of toast as gourmet food.