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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 3 December 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Vaughan Williams nominated 'Greensleeves' by Vaughan Williams.

1:25 Critical Mass

TV - Irene Gardiner
Books - Vanda Symon
Music - Colin Morris
Web - Ele Ludemann

2:10 Family Adventure Ends - Wayne Johnson - After a year of living alone on a beautiful - but wind battered - island in Otago harbour, a Dunedin family of four has decided to leave their piece of paradise and return home to civilisation. Wayne Johnson and Anna Hughes  - and their six and three year old sons, Eli and Niwha - have been the caretakers of Quarantine Island - Kamau Taurua since the beginning of the year. While they've loved the isolation of the wild place and its nature, they've also found living on a tiny island in the middle of frequently rough seas has its challenges.

2:20 The Addington Coffee Co-op - Age Palmer - A Christchurch café - described as one of the city's best eateries by Lonely Planet - is really walking the talk when it comes to fair trade. The Addington Coffee Co-op was set up by a group of friends, none of whom had any café experience. But - five years on - they're making hundreds of coffees and meals a day. And - unusually - their profits are going to the businesses which supply the café - both here in New Zealand and overseas - not its owners. Age Palmer is one of the café's founders and its manager, Age Palmer.

2:30 Reading - Episode two of Paul Horan's (Horr'n) account of his trip through Sri Lankain  
'In the Land of the Dancing Kings'.
CD GAL059, Galarie. Track 12, Indian Monsoon by Armand Amar. Pub by Musique Cinema Television.  (Online Prod Music from UPPM)

2:45 Feature Album -  'Modern Vampires of the City'  -  Vampire Weekend (2013) - selected by Rolling Stone mag as their album of the year.    

3:10 Feature Interview - Jim talks with Sarah Chrisman, who's been living like she's in the Victorian era for the last four years. No cellphone, no car.. no mod cons at all. Wearing a corset is liberating, she says.

3:30 In today's Asian Report; Buddha, Allah, God or the deity for kitchens? Lynda visits our Multi-faith communities with a guided tour through the Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish religious centres in Wellington regions.

4:06 The Panel - Women's drinking; it's getting worse. Do we gender-specific protocols for it and what does actually mean? Lifejackets - should they be compulsory in all small craft? How about surfboards and paddle-boards? And while we're only letting you drive at 4ks above the speed limit and while we're asking you to fence your paddling pool, why aren't we asking for decibel limits on personal audio players? Because they are costing the country huge amounts of money through deafness. The risks of tea-drinking in pregnancy - new research.