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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 2 December 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Lindsay Bellamy of Arrowtown has nominated 'West Coast Bound' by The Coal Rangers.

Mountain Scene: Take it from me - this emergency locator beacon saved my life

Lindsay Bellamy of Arrowtown

1:25 Eight Months to Mars - Going to Mars next is Aidee Walker - actress, writer, musician.

2:10 Otira For Sale - Chris Hennah - Does the thought of owning your own town appeal? Well, Otira - near the South Island's West Coast - is still on the market.  The town's current owners - Chris and Bill Hennah - say they've had calls and emails from numerous potential buyers; the Trade Me listing has had more than 45-thousand views; and they've had one offer … but the town's still up for sale. The deal includes 18 houses, a hotel, a community hall and a fire station.

2:20 North Head Tunnel Secrets - Mike Pritchard - Tours of the military tunnels and other infrastructure on North Head have become a popular attraction in Devonport. Beneath the headland is a mass of tunnels, shafts, mine control rooms and other military infrastructure, which was built by prisoners as early as the 1870s. Mike Pritchard is one of several enthusiasts who take people on tours of the headland takes us on a virtual journey

2:30 NZ Reading - Episode one of Paul Horan's account of his trip through Sri Lanka. Paul Horan spends an awkward, hot, curry smelling afternoon visiting his partner's burgher relatives in Sri Lanka.
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CD GAL059, Galarie. Track 12, Indian Monsoon by Armand Amar. Pub by Musique Cinema Television.  (Online Prod Music from UPPM)

2:45  Feature Album -  Paul Simon - Paul Simon (1972)
3:10  Feature Author - Doctor Who expert, Nick Grifitths, travels in search of  locations used in the show over the past 50 years, and searches too for answers as to why so many fans around the world are so devoted.  He'll join us

3:30  Swamp Kauri - Veronika Meduna -  Throughout Northland, ancient logs of kauri lie buried in bogs. While swamp kauri is a precious resource for artisan furniture makers, scientists are also finding that kauri stumps are a treasure trove of information about past environmental conditions.
3:45  Panel Pre-Show - Noelle McCarthy

4:06 The Panel - Neil Miller and Jordan Williams are on The Panel after 4. Is the blogger Whaleoil entitled to keep his sources secret? Is he a proper journalist? Is crime going down or not, as the latest figures say it is. Who would you like to play you in a movie? Young teenagers getting liquor online, and the 49,000 households in the north without TV now. What are they going to do?