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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 6 November 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written "Against the Wind" by Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Band, nominated by Doreen McPhail of Hawkes Bay.

1:25 Link 3

ARTIST:    Kiss
TITLE:        Beth
COMP:    Peter Criss, Stan Penridge, Bob Ezrin
DUR:        2' 43" [Cold]
ALBUM:    Kiss Gold  -  CD 1 / Track 19
LABEL:    Mercury / B000 3077

ARTIST:    Poison
TITLE:        Every Rose Has It's Thorn
COMP:    Bret Michaels, C.C. DeVille, Bobby Dall, Rikki Rockett
DUR:        4' 12" [Cold]
ALBUM:    The Best Beer Drinking Songs In The World, Ever!  -  CD 2 / Track 16
LABEL:    EMI 580 146

ARTIST:    Aerosmith
TITLE:        I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
COMP:    Diane Warren
DUR:        4' 48" [Fade]
ALBUM:    Armageddon:  The Album  -  Track 1
LABEL:    Columbia 497384

ANSWER:  They are all ballads by rock bands,  and they were the biggest hits for each of those bands.

ARTIST:    R.E.O. Speedwagon
TITLE:        Can't Fight This Feeling
COMP:    Kevin Cronin
DUR:        4' 48" [Cold fade]
ALBUM:    The Essential REO Speedwagon
LABEL:    Epic 452000   CD 2 / Track 11

ARTIST:    Alice Cooper
TITLE:        Only Women Bleed
COMP:    Alice Cooper, Dick Wagner
DUR:        3' 27 "  [Cold fade]
ALBUM:    The Best of Alice Cooper  -  Track 14
LABEL:    Rhino 275806

ARTIST:    Red Hot Chili Peppers
TITLE:        Under The Bridge
COMP:    Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Fruciante, Chad Smith
DUR:        4' 30" [Cold fade]
ALBUM:    RHCP Greatest Hits  -  Track 1  
LABEL:    Warner 248545

ARTIST:    Queensryche
TITLE:        Silent Lucidity
COMP:    Chris DeGamo
DUR:        5' 44" [Cold]
ALBUM:    Empire  -  Track 8
LABEL:    EMI 795 069

2:10 The Monuments Men - Robert Edsel
They were the price of freedom for some Jewish families, for others precious works of art were simply taken or deemed degenerate by the Nazis during the Second World War. Now investigators say the billion dollars worth of paintings by  Matisse, Marc Chagall and Otto Dix and others found in the squalid Munich flat of Cornelius Gurlitt this week may be just the tip of the iceberg.   
He is the son of Nazi art dealer Hildebrand Gurlitt,  who amassed masterpieces and told authorities they were  destroyed in the bombing of Dresden  No-one knows where 80 year old Cornilus Gurlit is now.
Robert Edsel has written about the group of men and women who tried to rescue art during the War, it's called  The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History.
A movie based on the book starring George Clooney will be coming out soon.

The movie link:

2:20  Ringo Starr's Book - David Hedley - When the publishers needed help promoting Ringo Starr's new book "Photograph" featuring pictures the Beatles' drummer took as the band's unoffical photographer, they made a call to Hedley's Bookshop in Masterton. David Hedley is a firm favorite of the Fab Four... helping George Harrison tour New Zealand with his book I Me Mine in the 1980's.
He's also helped  former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman and racing legend Jackie Stewart.
Genesis Publications tapped on David's shoulder to put together a mega pre-launch party in LA and the main event in Las Vegas. He did most of the work from his office in Masterton.

2:30 Reading - Heartland is a memoir by Neil Cross about life with his step father. As the boy grows, the man dwindles.
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Oldies But Goldies Membran 223003-321/F © 2005 Membran Music Ltd. Tk 4 Goodnight Irene by Ledbetter, Lomax. It's Madness 7243 8 46834 2 9 CDVIP 228 © Virgin Records Ltd.  Tk 12 Memories by Madness. Three Imaginary Boys - The Cure R2 78895 © 2004 Atlantic Recording Corp. Tk 6 Subway Song bySmith/Tolhurst/Dempsey.  Tk 4 Another Day bySmith/Tolhurst/Dempsey

2:45 Feature Album - These Foolish Things - a 1973 album by Bryan Ferry

3:10 Virtual World - Jules Older

3:30 .'Warkworth 160' - David Steemson - The small North Auckland town of Warkworth this week celebrates its founding 160-years ago. Descendants of the first settlers are in for a particular treat.

4:06 The Panel - Ellen Read (Ak) and Joe Bennett (ChCh)