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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 4 November 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - 'From Auschwitz to Ipswich' by Jarvis Cocker, nominated by Andrew Bell of Christchurch.

1:25 Eight Months To Mars - Wellington based actor, William Kircher - who plays dwarf, Bifur in The Hobbit trilogy. Also known for his roles in TV drama series, Shark in the Park, and Out of the Blue, where he played Sergeant Stu Guthrie

2:10 The Coffee Stout - Bart Acres - What do you get when you mix a beer brewer with a maker of coffee liquers??? … Well, a coffee stout is the result. In another story from the deep south - a brewer of boutique beers in Dunedin has joined forces with a maker of coffee liquers, and created a coffee stout called Flight of Icarus.
And people couldn't get enough of it at the recent Dunedin Craft Beer and Food Festival - the one keg the young entrepreneurs took to the event was gone in half an hour. The brewer - Bart Acres - talks with Jim Mora.

2:20 The Southern Scenic Route - John Fraser
Twenty-five years ago, the small Southland village of Tuatapere was struggling to survive. To avoid becoming nothing more than a town to service nearby farmers, the local pharmacist - John Fraser - came up with a bright idea to ensure Tuatapere was included on tourists' itineraries.
He dreamed up what's now called the Southern Scenic Route, which takes thousands of visitors a year throughout the deep south, from Queenstown to Dunedin. John talks with Jim Mora as the 25th anniversary of the route approaches.

2:30 Reading - All of us have childhood incidents that stand out in our memories. But not many can remember the day our mother left.  Neil Cross can, and it's the starting point for his book - Heartland which we're beginning this afternoon as our 2.30 reading.
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2:45 Feature Album - Medusa - the second solo album by Scottish singer Annie Lennox, released in 1995.

3:10 Feature Author - American hotel maitre d, Jacob Tomsky  - tells us what goes on behind the scenes in some of the grand places we stay in. Jacob's book is Heads in Beds - a reckless memoir of hotels, hustles and so-called hospitality. How to get upgrades, and why you shouldn't use the glasses in the minibar.

3:30 Urban Bats - Veronika Meduna - Auckland's night life has just been boosted with the arrival of some unexpected visitors. Long-tailed bats, one of two species of native bat, survive in a few scattered places, but they are now showing up in suburban areas of west Auckland and the Waitakere ranges.     

4:06 Andrew Clay and David Slack are on The Panel today. The topics of a New-Zealand-owned insurance company and gender equalisation at the Labour conference; would you stop your car to assist a man covered in blood late at night? Are we outsourcing our memories now? Some Google research suggests we are. Movember, is it narcissistic? The Norwegians have slow television now, would you like to see it here? Would you watch TV if it was just a camera stuck on the side of the Overlander rolling through the NZ countryside? And the continuing calls for an Orion to go and look again for the yacht Nina.