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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 17 October 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Teach Your Children' by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - nominated by Morrin Rout of Governers Bay, Lyttelton

ARTIST:    Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
TITLE:      Teach Your Children
COMP:     Graham Nash    
ALBUM:    Crosby, Still, Nash & Young - So Far
LABEL:     Atlantic  782648

1:25 Your Place, Peel Forest in South Canterbury - a little paradise the locals say, with its village at the foot of Little Mt Peel.

2:10 Christmas Island Crabs - Max Orchard - When the rains come, it starts. 100 million bright red crabs, who live on the forest floor on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean, make their 5 kilometre journey to the coast to mate.
Sometime between now and December, the red crabs will scramble down cliff faces and negotiate townships and roads and tourists who visit to see the annual migration. The trail of crabs making their way to the beach can look like a river of red. Max Orchard is a park ranger on Christmas Island.

The link:

2:25 Horror Film - Mathew Watkin - A film that started as the major project for a Diploma in Screen Production, at the Eastern Institute of Technology in Hawkes Bay, has just screened at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival.
Mathew Watkin's film "Divide" is one of only seven from around the world to gain entry in the foreign film category. It's the only one from New Zealand at the festival. Friends, family and even tutors from the Eastern Institute of Technology pitched in to raise the money for Mathew, who's just 21 years old,  to take his film to America.
This is the 10th year of the Atlanta Horror Film Festival, and student films don't usually make the cut.  It's not just for traditional blood and guts horror films, but innovative independent films too.  

2:30 Reading - We begin a radio adaptation of the award-winning novel, 'The Sound of Butterflies'  by Rachael King.  
It starts in 1904 when an eager young lepidopterist, Thomas Edgar returns home from a scientific expedition collecting butterflies in the wilds of Brazil. It's an experience that has changed him physically and mentally.
The reader is Elizabeth McRae.


Medo by Reinaldo Ferreira/Alain Oulman. Tk 10 TSQ-CD-9047: Mariza ‘transparente’.

2:45 Feature Album - So - Peter Gabriel  (1986)
Ex Genesis musician, Peter Gabriel is named among first-time nominees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a list which also includes Nirvana, Linda Ronstadt,  Hall and Oates, and The Replacements
More than 600 voters decide the class of 2014, and inductees will be announced in December, with a ceremony next April in New York.

3.10 The Betty Ford Centre - Lucy Burns of BBC Witness
Following her own struggles with drink and prescription drugs, former American First Lady Betty Ford opened a drug and alcohol treatment centre on 4 October 1982. The Betty Ford Center is now one of the most famous rehabilitation centres in the world. Lucy Burns talks with Joseph Cruse, one of the doctors who helped her recover.

3:20  Christchurch's Bush-land Oasis - Katy Gosset discovers a bush-land oasis in the heart of Christchurch. The city now has its own braided river and nature park as part of an innovative conservation project. 

3:30  Pollen Forecast - Alison Ballance
Sneezing, itchy eyes and runny noses mean one thing - spring is here. During spring and summer, pollen produced by trees, weeds and grasses leads to hayfever in those folk with pollen allergies. To help sufferers cope, Metservice posts daily pollen forecasts on its website, and Alison Ballance is off to find out how it's created.
Regional pollen forecasts are posted daily on
Allergy New Zealand has a useful pollen calendar on its website

4:06 Rosemary McLeod and Ellen Read are on The Panel today. Discussions on John Banks and Len Brown along the lines you might expect. Beyonce's in town, and we can tell you what she asks for backstage. We've had a few discussions about the judge who questioned the attire of young women when they go out on the town; the focus shifts today to the amount of liquor they consume. The Kohanga Reo story, and also the ways we reduce the % of purity in NZ by dumping our rubbish in the countryside.