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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 10 October 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written -  Joanne Harland from Auckland nominated 'Polyester Girl' by Regurgitator

1:25 On Your Place we visit Totara North - the little settlement on the northern side of Whangaroa Harbour. 200 people in permanent residence but many more soon, over summer.

2:10 Rudyard Kipling - Professor Harry Ricketts -  He called Milford Sound the 8th wonder of the world.. and described Auckland as 'last, loneliest, loveliest, exquisite, apart'. Author and poet Rudyard Kipling said New Zealanders could tell so many tall tales, they had tremendous Yarn Power. But it is the power of Kipling's own yarns and their legacy here in New Zealand that is the surprise. Those stories will be told as part of a new series of lectures at Victoria University. Next week Professor Harry Ricketts reveals how Kipling lives on today in some unexpected places.

2:20  ENO - Mikaere Gardiner - There was a time when businesses would have tried to run Mikaere Gardiner out of town. He was considered a graffiti vandal, leaving his colorful mark on buildings  Now, businesses in Hamilton are lining up to have him leave his mark on their walls. Gardiner, who goes by the name ENO is in Hamilton where 36 businesses want him to paint on their walls. The same thing happened in New Plymouth where he lives. He's already done a mural inside the Creative Waikato building.  

Images of ENO work -

2:30 Reading - Gerard Hindmarsh decides to adapt nature, and harness his swamp for new purposes in today's episode of his memoir - Swamp Fever. He also learns about the perils of interfering in a child's make-believe world.

Nature's Best 3 5122102000 © 2003 Sony Music Entertainment CD2 Tk 9 Eye T.V. One Day Ahead by
S. Sturm, L. Casey, M. Scott, G. Winterburn. Natures Best: New Zealand's Top 30 Songs of All-Time
5054952000 © 2002 Sony Music Entertainment Tk 1. Nature by Wayne Mason

2:45 Feature Album - Houses of the Holy - Led Zeppelin

3:10 Tunnel 57 - Louise Hedalgo from BBC Witness
In October 1964 a group of students helped 57 people escape from communist East Germany despite the wall built to keep them in. Hear from Ralph Kabisch and Joachim Neumann who spent weeks digging what became known as Tunnel 57

3:20 'Georgeous Design's - Sage Forest
After a career as an art teacher, visual artist Georgina West ('George' to her friends) studied and worked as an engineer. Now she has a business combining the two in Georgeous Designs, creating metal sculptures from recycled materials, and she's passing her metalworking knowledge on to the women of Golden Bay.

Georgina West

Student Anita Hutchinson prepares stamens for her giant flower; George supervises Anita's grinding.

3:30 Hearing Aids in Rugby - Lisa Thompson - Making rugby accessible to all players. How researchers from the  University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology are helping to keep hearing impaired players safe on the sports field.

4:06 Michele A'Court and Tim Watkin are on The Panel today, discussing the polling which purports to show a close race now for the Auckland mayoralty; the so-called horror in our pre-schools; what rich people don't do, the claimed habits of the highly-successful, and a couple of aspects are interesting. The unsafe streets of Whangarei, the consternation over Sonny Bill Williams and his change of heart over playing for NZ.