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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 9 October 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - David Williams of Wellington and Golden Bay nominated 'Everything I Own' by Boy George

1:20 Link 3 - music game

2:10 LOTR Auction - Troika Brodsky - It's been a journey nearly as painstaking as Frodo's route to Mt Doom. For more than a decade, Troika Brodsky from St Louis Missouri has been collecting movie props from the Lord Of The Rings film trilogy. It's not been easy. Although there are more than 100-thousand props from the Lord of the Rings movies, they are often jealously held, they're precious. Troika's searched for items used in the filming of the Lord of the Rings all over the world.  He has Frodo's original sword Sting, a pair of hobbit feet worn by Sean Astin as Samwise Gamgee and so much more. In fact, his collection of props from these movies is the second largest in the world. But  Mr Brodsky is about to put much of his collection up for auction, not because he wants to, but because his family needs his help. Troika Brodsky is on the line with us from Missouri. 

The Auction link

2:20  Shipwreck Mystery - Karl Maley - Taieri Mouth fisherman hauled in a mysterious and  unexpected catch off the coast of the Otago Coast this week. On a windy night, about 300 metres offshore from The Nuggets. the skipper of Lady ann, Karl Maley, and his deckhand pulled in a 250 kilo surprise. It's a barnacle encrusted iron anchor. We have an image of the anchor on our facebook page and website. It looks a lot like an anchor from a shipwreck in the are that dates back to 1839. Maley's been fishing these waters for 21 years and he has never seen anything like it.


2:30 Reading - Gerard Hindmarsh continues his memoir -  "Swamp Fever'.
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Takakaka becomes the smallest town in New Zealand with a cinema, and  Gerard Hindmarsh gets married in today's episode of his memoir - 'Swamp Fever'. He also wins an award!
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Nature by Wayne Mason. Tk 1. From the Album: 'Natures Best: New Zealand's Top 30 Songs of All-Time ' 5054952000 © 2002 Sony Music Entertainment
You Oughta Be  In Love by Dave Dobbyn Tk 9 on Shine 0927482502 © 2002 Warner Music (NZ) Ltd.

2:45 Feature Album - She's So Unusual - Cyndi Lauper (1983)

3:10 Virtual World - Jules Older - Your Life in a Tweet challenge - Jim and Jules discuss, pick winners, reveal each other's life tweets.


Bright child strayed through hippy culture into motherhood and NZ, where she became independent, loved and commercially philanthropic. JANE

taught to read work hard by 5, work at 12, married, 3 sons, wrote plays novels taught, added website reading cancer reading 84 still reading  RENEE

First 17yrs 8 houses. Then Dunedin 7yrs 7 houses. Then North 10yrs 4 houses. Now settled in Dunedin & 22yrs in same house. BRIAN

Sod's Law and nothing's ever simple - I live in interesting times. Send her down Huey! ADRIENNE 


Morning person. Jogger. Writer by training. Journalist by chance. Grateful immigrant. Optimist by determination. HIKARU FREEMAN

AND from JULES - psychologist > medical educator > writer > editor > app creator > videographer > ePublisher>radio guy. Big awards, adventures, fun.

AND JIM'S - Adapted from Yeats – The Dilemma. Perfection of the life or of the work? Acclaim that disappears in a wink or two, or the Heavenly mansion raging in the dark?

3:30 Auckland's Waterview Connection project - Lisa Thompson
When is boring not boring?  When it involves a tunnel-boring machine called Alice and over 240-thousand tonnes of concrete.  Spoken Features producer Lisa Thompson takes a tour of a world-class pre-cast factory, created solely to supply concrete segments for Auckland's Waterview Connection project.

4:06 Stephen Franks is with Chris Wikaira on The Panel today. The new housing initiative announced for Auckland. What does the Lundy trial tell us, if anything, about how we go about investigating some of these high-profile criminal cases? What respinsibility goes with keeping chickens? Is ACC unfair to people over 65? Do you care that the Christchurch CEO went into Hooters restaurants in the United States at ratepayer expense? And the Ngai Tahu top-ups. Should they get the money?