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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 17 September 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - 'Don't Cry My Lady Love' - Quicksilver Messenger Service nominated by John Cook of Christchurch

1:25 Critical Mass

Television - Sarah McMullan - Family Recipes' - TV1 - Wednesdays @ 8pm

Duck Dynasty - TV2 - Saturdays - 7pm - The trailer

Books - Dr Cushla McKinney - The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

Music - Nick Atkinson

Artist: Lorde
Song: Royals   
Composer: Ella Yelich-O'Connor
Album: The Love Club
Label: Universal

Artist: Lorde  (ex CD)

Song: Team
Composer: Ella Yelich-O'Connor
Album: Pure Heroine
Label: Universal

Web - Ele Ludemann
The last words of 20 cultural icons

Paging Fun Mums

2:10 The Kaikohe Mural Project - Chris Wilkie - It started off as something very simple. A little mural on the side of a building. A local in Kaikohe  asked an artist to paint on her wall to stop the kids from tagging. Fast forward a few months later, and the Kaikohe Mural Project has taken on a life of its own. The line-up on the wall at Marino Place now includes a whole host of residents and local identities, plus 30 panels of famous Northlanders being painted by the students at Northland College, thanks to an initiative by local businesses. Chris Wilkie is the artist who started all this.

2:20 Mummy Bodies - Ashley Wells Jackson - As a photographer Ashlee Wells Jackson is used to getting up close and personal with her subjects. But her latest project is allowing women from all over America to reveal themselves in a whole new way. The '4th Trimester Bodies Project' celebrates the way childbirth changes womens bodies,  in a series of black and white images of women and their babies that are generating comment and praise all over the USA. These images below are Nicole, who Ashley met on the street with her six month old daughter, Maeve, and another one of Shannon from Florida with her son Dash.

Fourth Trimester Bodies
From the 'Fourth Trimester Bodies' photography series of post-baby bodies by Chicago photographer Ashlee Wells Jackson.

2:30 Reading - The second episode of our ABC Book Reading  "Follow The Rabbit Proof Fence" by Doris Pilkington. Today's stories explore the impact of European settlement through the experiences of Yellagonga (YELL-uh-gon-guh), a leader of the Nyungar (noong-ah) people of Western Australia. The reader is Rachael Maza.

Original music recorded for the production by David Milroy with Alice Haines
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Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence by Doris (Nugi Garimara) Pilkington (University of Queensland Press, 1997) ISBN-0702232815

2:45 Feature Album - 'In Rolling Waves' - the second studio album from New Zealand post-punk revival band The Naked and Famous. Just released..

3:10 Grayson Schaffer is a senior editor of Outside magazine, and he's written a piece called The Disposable Man:A Western History of Sherpas on Everest about the simmering tensions between the people who live in the shadow of the World's highest mountain, and the people who pay vast sums of money to climb.

3:30 Asian Report - 750 quota refugees on average come into this country per annum. The current crisis in Syria may see as many as two million people displaced, many orphaned children. Lynda Chanwai-Earle hears about the grim realities of the refugee experience from the Auckland team at Refugees as Survivors New Zealand.

4:06 On The Panel today are Graham Bell and Duncan Webb. The decision about how many snapper you can catch, what would you do with 72 billion dollars, the freedom campers banned from the Tauranga waterfront, cases being prosecuted in court with seemingly slim chance of success, and the skyrocketing leasehold ground rents in Auckland. Unfair unfair or buyer beware?