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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 13 September 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Grant Lister of Tawa has nominated 'Fire' by Kingston Wall.

1:20 NZ Live - Dave Dobbyn and Don McGlashan - Between them, they're responsible for many of the most indelible entries in the national songbook. Loyal, Dominion Road,  Anchor Me, Slice of Heaven, Welcome Home, Outlook For Thursday, Bathe in the River. Their songs came out of our culture, always, and now their songs help define it.  They've only ever played together once before now. Dave Dobbyn and Don McGlashan are with us today, performing their own songs and each other's on New Zealand Live. The Show link

2:10 Pearl's Refurbished Home - Craig Cooper - 92 Year old Pearl Sanger could not have imagined how fortunate she was when her home was burgled and then torched while she lay ill in hospital in July.
Burglars took her TV, her jewelry, including a ring that belonged to her mother,  from the home she has lived in for the past 30 years in Tikipunga near Whangarei.  
But Pearl is lucky. Stories in the local paper, the Northern Advocate, touched the community and donations came pouring in: Furniture, two weeks free accommodation at a rest home, and even author, Lee Child sent a personally autographed copy of his latest Jack Reacher book.
Craig Cooper, editor of the Northern Advocate, coordinated many of the donations.  

2:20 Fulbright New Zealand - Lisa Thompson  - This year Fulbright New Zealand celebrates 65 years of educational and cultural exchange between New Zealand and the United States. New Zealand Society explores why the programme’s founder, Senator James William Fulbright, thought educational exchange was the perfect vehicle for achieving a peaceful future for the world.

J William Fulbright
J. William Fulbright at the University of Arkansas, ca. 1939 (courtesy of Fulbright New Zealand and the University of Arkansas Libraries, special collections department).

2:30 Reading - Madeleine Hyland with the final of 'Plane Sailing'  by Charlotte Grimshaw, from her collection 'Opportunity'.
Silent City by Alan Barry, tk 10 CHAP 301
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Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh  Fast Talking P I  poetry collection, Fast Talking P I (poetry collection) by Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh (University of Auckland Press, ISBN 978-1-86940-432-1)

2:45 Feature album - 'Still Within the Sound of My Voice' - Jimmy Webb - just out with a 4 star Rolling Stone review.

3:08 One Stop Shop - Ideas for your weekend with Sarah McMullan reviewing Mr Pip, and the sci-fi action film, Riddick. Belinda Jackson with the wine. And Kiwi chef, Paul Jobin with a Touran Chicken recipe

Fresh Fast Food - Paul Jobin
Touran chicken - This is an Iranian spiced chicken that is addictive and great for shredding of the bone and stuffing into sandwiches. The Recipe
Movies - Sarah McMullan - Sarah McMullan reviews Mr Pip and the sci-fi action film, Riddick - but
first some advice to movie goers. Mr Pip 2013 trailer

3:40 The Blossom Parade - Carol Ann Stubbs -  It's New Zealand's answer to the famous Pasadena Rose Parade: The Hastings Blossom Parade rolls down Queen Street tomorrow afternoon. The Parade is the centrepiece of the Hastings Blossom Festival and it dates back to the 1950's. Carol Ann Stubbs is the Blossom Festival Event coordinator. The Parade link

4:06  On The Panel today, together for the first time on a regular Panel, Michele A'Court and Jeremy Elwood - the Americas Cup with our go-to guy Matt Sheehan; Mr Maryatt's departure from his CEO job in Christchurch; how popular are you? Did the Indian security guard killed in his first day on the job get justice? And this is interesting. Has the tide turned with how we perceive sportswomen? Are we seeing women in sport now as creatures of talent and individuality rather than just fodder for the male gaze? Sex sells, as they say, but is it not selling so well now?

Halftime Link - How Popular Are You

US billionaire Jim Clark flying a huge NZ flag
Even American billionaires are on board for Team New Zealand. US billionaire Jim Clark flying a huge NZ flag.