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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 29 August 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Michael Daymond-King of Wellington nominated Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

1:20 Your Place - Cave in South Canterbury - Our tour guides are:Cameron Scott, Sue Simmis and Morrell McFetrich.

2:10 Rotten Fish - Mark Reihana -  Guests like fish begin to smell after three days, said Benjamin Franklin, but after a week, the smell of rotten fish can actually destroy a 64-thousand dollar Ford Ranger vehicle.  A few months ago,  Mark Reihana stopped to buy 8 frozen snapper from local fisherman in Miranda near Thames.  Mark is a film set caterer and he had been working on a set. .He got home, parked the Ranger in the driveway and left for  a week to work on another job in Queenstown, forgetting that the fish were still on the back seat. When he returned  the stench was absolutely unbearable. For 4 months, the dealer has tried to get rid of the fish smell to no avail. 

2:20 The Essay Winner - Katherine McIndoe
"I'm writing to the silent girls, the voiceless girls, the lonely girls, and the lost girls - and there are more every day"  These are the award winning words of a New Zealand teenager who has won  the top prize in the world's oldest and largest essay competition: the Commonwealth Essay Competition. Katherine McIndoe is just 19 years old and a student at Victoria University. But her essay tackles issues many kids her age don't pay much attention to: human trafficking, forced prostitution and marriage and the plight of girls who are not allowed to go to school.  

The Essay

2:30 Reading - Ian Johnstone reads Episode 4 of 'Dance of the Peacocks'  by James McNeish.
Tk 1. Pick Yourself Up - Lew Stone and his Orchestra.  BBC CD 824:  Pennies From Heaven II.  
BBC Enterprises/Polygram 1990.
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BOOK:  Dance of the Peacocks by James McNeish Pub: Random House (1 Aug  1994) ISBN-978-0908877072

2:45 Feature Album - The Time of Our Lives - Miley Cyrus  (2009)

3:10  I Have a Dream - Eddie Botsio of BBC Witness - It's fifty years since quarter of a million people gathered in the US capital to campaign for civil rights and Martin Luther King delivered his now famous "I have a dream: speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. There were ten main speakers at the March on Washington rally. The youngest was John Lewis, a close friend of Dr King. Now 73, John Lewis is a United States Congressman and he's been speaking to Eddie Botsio of BBC Witness about that day.

3:20 The Vault - Rewi Alley - New Zealand's friendship with our greatest trading partner, China, owes a debt of thanks to the man who paved the way.  Rewi Alley features on the Vault.

3:30 The Seafood Menu of Early Maori - Alison Ballance - The first Maori settlers in New Zealand were hunter-gatherers, with a rich larder of seafood for the taking. Over time, however, their diet began to change, and archaeologist Ian Smith from the University of Otago tells Alison Ballance how he's been able to track those changes.

4:06 Chris Trotter and Matt Nippert are on The Panel today as we look at the Fonterra Notulism, not botulism at all; naming the dodgy teachers; brothels in your street, how would you like it? high rises in your street, how would you like that in Auckland - the decision on the unitary plan is out, and in Christchurch the future of the Town Hall and cricket on Hagley Park. How do we fix politics, and controlling another person with your mind - fantasy becomes reality.