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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 6 August 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Deb Richardson of Hawkes Bay nominated 'The Weight' by the Band.

1:20 Critical Mass - Our reviewers are here today on Critical Mass, looking at TV, books the internet and music.

TV - Sarah McMullan

The Best Bits
TV1 - Fridays - 9.00pm

Mr Selfridge
TV One - Sundays @ 8.30pm

Books - Cushla McKinney
'The Misplaced Affections of Charlotte Fforbes'  by Catherine Robertson

Music - Nick Atkinson
ARTIST:    Bloodnut    
TITLE:        REDvolution        
COMP:    Bloodnut             
ALBUM:    Unreleased
LABEL:    Private

ARTIST:    James Blake    
TITLE:        Retrogrde             
COMP:    James Blake    
DUR:        3' 43"        
ALBUM:    Overgrown    
LABEL:    Atlas    

Web - Ben Gracewood
Will Googling backpacks and pressure cookers get you a visit from the FBI?  Yes and No>

Portraits of the Bearded Men in an Ernest Hemingway Look-Alike Contest>

2:10 King Richard III - Dr Jo Appleby
Almost a year on from the archeological discovery that rocked the world, and secrets are still being unearthed in the grave of King Richard III. The discovery of the 15th century skeleton of Britain's most controversial King under a carpark in Leicester last September made headlines across the globe.
Last week, archeologists made another discovery at the burial site, a mysterious double-coffin whose occupant is yet to be identified. Dr Jo Appleby is the osteo-archeologist who was part of the team that unearthed and authenticated the bones of King Richard III.
She's in New Zealand to give a talk at Massey University today, on her role in solving a mystery that was 500 years in the making.

2:20 'The Shut-In Stitchers' - June Nixey - It began with a sign-up sheet that went around the Quilters Guild in Wellington. "Yes June, I will come to the prison with you."...
So began 'The Shut-In Stitchers", a group of volunteers who've been teaching quilting to the inmates of Arohata Women's Prison every Saturday morning since 1993. Two decades later, and the stitchers are still at their work. Their efforts were recognised last week with an award from Arts Access Aotearoa.
June Nixey sent around that original sign-up sheet. She's the force behind The Shut-Ins, still.

2:30 Reading - In 2001, Owen Scott and his nephew Pears were both living in England.  Thus it became Owen's task to inform Pears about the double murder of his father John Scott and his partner, Greg Schrivener, in Fiji.
Our 2.30 story this week is Owen's personal account of the  search for personal understanding and family closure that followed.
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Tk 8. 'Excerpt From Alexandra' played by Regina Carter.  CD Verve 065 554 - Paganini: After the Dream.
©  The Verve Music Group, UMG Recordings Inc 2003
ALSO:  Tk 6 "Terrorgosa"  by Sola Rosa.  CD: FMR  336612 "Haunted Out-Takes", Festival/Mushroom
Records (NZ) 2003  Dur:  00' 25"

2:45 Feature Album - Private Dancer - Tina Turner   (1984)

3:10  The Speedup Illusion: Why in later life does time fly?
Richard A. Friedman is a professor of clinical psychiatry at the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York - he's got tips on how to make time pass more slowly as we grow older.

3:30 Asian Report - In today's Asian Report;  Lynda Chanwai-Earle hears from researchers uncovering the cost of problem gambling to our Asian communities and she asks Sky City Casino for a response to this investigation.

4:06 Graham Bell and Simon Farrell-Green are on The Panel today - as we talk once again about Fonterra and botulism and what we don't know. And what we don't know is in large measure the result of the way they're explaining things. The most trusted people by profession, a new poll from Research NZ.  Ramadan's nearly over, and in the light of it preventing a Wellington man from testifying in a racism hearing, we'll try and get more of a handle on what Ramadan means to Muslims. And Kiwibank's strange new television advertisement mentioning all the other banks.