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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 2 August 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written -  Jonathon Harrison of Kapiti Coast nominated 'Into the Night' by  Benny Mardones.

1:20 New Zealand Live with some power blues from Swamp Thing -  Michael Barker & Grant Haua - who'll be joined by special guest Eddie Raynor on keyboards.

Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing in the Auckland Studio.

2:10 The Aston Martin Replica - Ivan Sentch - An Auckland computer programmer is such an Aston Martin car fan, that he's decided if he can't buy one, he'll build one instead.  But this is a very different build !!  Ivan Sentch is putting together a 1961 Aston Martin DB4 replica with the help of a desktop 3D printer - using the 3D printed components. With the price of a real restored DB4 starting well over the 400 thousand mark, it's certainly a cheaper way of fulfilling your dream, and building it  with his Solidoodle, 2nd Gen 3D printer is attracting a lot of interest in the technology world.     Ivan's blog

2:20 Buffalo Cheese - Amelia Nurse - While buffalo cheese is common in some parts of the world, NZ only has two milking herds: Clevedon and Whangaripo. Amelia Nurse visits one of Whangaripo's properties run by Phil and Annie Armstrong north of Albany. The link: Whangaripo Buffalo

2:30 Reading - The final episode of Shonagh Koea's reading of her  own book, 'The Kindness of Strangers', published by Vintage. Shonagh returns with a final selection of vignettes, looking back on her life.
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Courante - JS Bach Suite No 1 in G for solo cello, BWV1007, Jacqueline du Pre. Tk 7  Testament SBT 1388
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The Kindness of Strangers (Kitchen Memoirs) by Shonagh Koea Pub: Vintage   ISBN 978 1 869419189

2:45 Feature album - The Suburbs by Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire (2010).

3:08 One Stop Shop -  Michael Cooper with the wine stories - including the need to be wary of misleading advertising claims about so-called 'normal' wine prices -  our movie reviewer, Sarah McMullan looks at super-hero film, The Wolverine - and with the recipe - Sachie Nomura from Sachie's Kitchen, The Asian Cooking School in Parnell, Auckland.  The recipe link: 'Daigaku' University Sweet Potato

4:06 Brian Edwards and Michelle Boag on the Panel - we look back on an extraordinary week at the Beehive - plus, Edward Snowden's left the building, the transit lounge in a Moscow airport that is. What does Russia's granting of temporary asylum to the world's best known leaker mean for American-Russian relations. Also, earthquake tours in Christchurch, why the Wellington earthquake has driven up the cost of parking, and how much are we spending on kids birthday parties?