1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Anna Moore of Dunedin nominated 'In This Heart' by Sinead O'Connor.

1:20 Your Place - Ohope Beach - Our Your Place tour guides from Ohope Beach are Gerard Casey, Bevan Porter and Justine Knowles.

2:10 Our Oldest Footballer Retires - New Zealand's oldest football player is hanging up his boots.
Ernie Hall from Auckland played his first game of football at the age of 7, in his hometown of Sunderland in the UK.
At 70, he was officially the oldest registered player in New Zealand. Over a decade later, and he is finally retiring from the pitch, at 81 years young.

2:20 Kiwi Stomp Dancer is Back - Ian Vincent - From Broadway, to the West End and the closing ceremony of the Olympics last year, the bashing, crashing dancers of STOMP have been heard all over the world.
The show rolled into NZ this week, and among the troupe is a young man from Te Awamutu who's making a fine career out of making a lot of noise. Ian Vincent is a STOMP dancer and a Kiwi, back in New Zealand with the troupe.

2:30 Reading - Most of us have memories of a time when we should have said or done the right thing - if only we'd been more aware, or witty or quick-thinking. In today's reading from her memoir  'The Kindness of Strangers', Shonagh Koea talks about the advantage of  being able, as a writer, to go through those experiences again - and do it better in your novel.
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Courante: JS Bach Suite No 1 in G for solo cello, BWV1007, Jacqueline du Pre. Tk 7  Testament SBT 1388

2:45 Feature Album - The Great Escape - Blur (1995)

3:10 The Jimmy Hoffa Mystery - Mike Lanchin of BBC Witness - The controversial American union leader, Jimmy Hoffa, was last seen alive on July 30 1975. He is believed to have been killed by the Mafia. The search for his body continues to this day. Listen to one of the FBI agents involved in the original investigations.

3:20 The Vault - Deb Nation - Women Aviators feature on the Vault today with Deborah Nation.

3:30 Wandering Albatrosses - Alison Ballance - Abatrosses are giants of the seabird world, with wing spans of more than 3 metres. When Alison Ballance got a chance to help out on an albatross research project on remote subantarctic Adams Island she jumped at the chance to meet some large fluffy chicks up close, and to find out more about the worrying decline in the birds' numbers.
Wandering albatrosses - from NZ Birds Online

4:10 Lavina Good and Adam Mercer are on The Panel today - discussing attacks on police, CEO pay, the happiness of women who stay at home with their children; surveillance. I know that seems like an old topic, but now the Guardian newspaper is claiming that basically it's like this. The software now exists so that if someone wants to find out an enormous amount about you in NZ by looking at everything you do and say online, all they need is your email. Snoop Dogg the big draw at the Big Day Out, but why should we let him into the country?