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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 26 July 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written -  Alice Horsham of Auckland nominated 'Tears Always Win' by Alicia Keys

1:20  New Zealand Live with Auckland Indie pop band, The Map Room.

2:10 The Kaikoura Wildlife Recovery Centre -  Linda Pharazyn - A love of animals spurred Kaikoura resident Linda Pharazyn to create a recovery centre for wildlife in need.. and a year on it's still going strong.
Her husband told her only injured seagulls would brought through the doors of the clinic, but she's proved him wrong with an amazing array of both native and non-indigenous wildlife being tended to.

2:20   New Zealand's Ethiopian restaurant -  Amelia Nurse - Amelia visits New Zealand's only Ethiopian restaurant, Café Abyssinia.

2:30 Reading - Episode five of Shonagh Koea's 'The Kindness of Strangers', told by the author herself.  And today a proposal and marriage.

Courante: JS Bach Suite No 1 in G for solo cello, BWV1007, Jacqueline du Pre. Tk 7  Testament SBT 1388

The Recipe link:Thommie's Quick Tart:

2:45 Our Feature Album is Abbey Road by the Beatles as Paul McCartney's latest world tour rolls into its final stages, with McCartney saying he won't be retiring afterwards, as he couldn't imagine doing anything else.
The Abbey Road Medley:

"You Never Give Me Your Money"       McCartney     4:02
"Sun King"       Lennon, with McCartney and Harrison     2:26
"Mean Mr. Mustard"       Lennon     1:06
"Polythene Pam"       Lennon     1:12
"She Came In Through the Bathroom Window"       McCartney     1:57
"Golden Slumbers"       McCartney     1:31
"Carry That Weight"       McCartney with Lennon, Harrison, and Starr     1:36
"The End"       McCartney     2:05

3:08 One Stop Shop - Sarah McMullan on the end of Peter Jackson's 14-year journey filming movies based on the Tolkien books. Also the NZ public release ban on the Elijah Wood horror film, "Maniac" - and the restored and remastered Kiwi classic Utu. Julie Biuso talks food, and wine expert, Yvonne Lorkin on "wine crimes".

Food - Julie Biuso -  Pot-roasted Chicken with Black Olives

Movies -  Sarah McMullan on the end of Peter Jackson's 14-year journey filming movies based on the Tolkien books.

Peter Jackson is live blogging the historic day via Facebook – check it out

3:40 The Paekakariki Express - Charlotte Norman - This weekend the public will have a chance to see the Paekakariki Express in action - not the famous former All Black Christian Cullen who hails from the area -  but the JA1271 steam engine run by Steam Inc in the small Kapiti Coast village. For Charlotte Norman, trains is a family affair, and she has been part of Steam Inc even before she was able to walk.

4:06 Stephen Franks and Sapna Samant are on The Panel. What the pilots in NZ have against bringing in foreign pilots to fly our planes. Have the drug cheats really left cycling? Do people really go looney under full moons? Do psychopaths choose their psychopathic moments? which might explain why they can turn on the charm. New research on that. Absenteeism from NZ schools, spending ratepayer money in Auckland teaching taxpayer etiquette. And a couple of topics around retirement.