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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 4 July 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Chelsea Smith of Swannanoa nominated Foolish Games by Jewel.

1:20 The central North Island town of Raetihi is on Your Place - on the junction of State Highways 4 and 49, 10 kilometres west of Ohakune.        

2:10 Seaview's Old Ford Building - Wayne Gazley
For 52 years,  Ford Motor cars rolled off the assembly lines of a plant  built in 1936 in Seaview in Lower Hutt.  The Ford Cortinas, Escorts and Transit vans  were assembled there until the plant closed in 1988. The Historic Places Trust-listed brick building is now a building supply store, but many customers and workers would have no idea about the history of the place.
Wayne Gazley wants to change that. He worked at the Ford Motor Company as a teenager, and still works in the building as the business development manager for Placemakers.
To mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Henry Ford on July 31, he's pulling together photos and memories about the Seaview plant, and he'd like to hear from people who were part of the plant's history.

2:20 City MenzShed - John Shrapnell
Every week, 2 or 3 or even 5 days a week, men who have retired or been made redundant come together at  Wellington's City MenzShed to work on projects that help the community. Now their work is getting international attention. The British Health Service put a call out around the world for ideas for projects that help keep seniors independent and involved in their communties.  Wellington City MenzShed is one of the winners. Besides the recognition, the award comes with a one thousand pound prize.  John Shrapnell is the secretary of the City MenzShed.

Link to NZ MensSheds

2:30 Reading - Joe Bennett with ' Of Planes and Lonely Men', the second to last episode from his book 'Hello Dubai'.
Joe finds out about the success of Emirates airline, and is meets lonely Andrew at the Dubai International Finance Centre.
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Dubai by Steve Everitt, tk 22 ATMOS208 - Palm Island

2:45 Feature Album - The End of the Innocence - Don Henley (1989)

3:10 Battle of Gettysburg - Alan Johnston
It is 150 years since a crucial battle in the American Civil War, which also inspired one of the most famous speeches in US history, the Gettysburg Address. The BBC World Service programme, Witness looks at the event through diaries, and journals from the time.
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3:20 The Vault - The Coast to Coast - Deborah Nation
Deborah Nation sifts through the archives to track the evolution of the Speights Coast to Coast and its creator Robin Judkins who is ending a 30-year reign over his own unique multisport event.

3:30 Our Changing World - Great White Butterflies - Alison Ballance
They're large and green, move in packs and love their broccoli - all of which are good reasons to hate great white butterfly caterpillars, and why the Department of Conservation is attempting to eradicate these newly arrived pests from gardens around Nelson before they discover our tasty - and rare - native cresses.

You can find information about great white butterflies here:>
To date it has only been found in Nelson city, as far out as Glenduan and Richmond.
Useful phone numbers:
If you are aware of areas of uncontrolled nasturtium in the Nelson/Tasman district, please call DOC's Nelson office, phone 03 546 9335.
If you find butterflies, caterpillars or pupae please phone the MPI hotline 0800 80 99 66

4:06 On The Panel today are Mark Inglis and Gary McCormick: What on earth has gone on with the Christchurch building consents and the CEO, Tony Marryatt? How can Corrections now stop prisoners smoking again? The call to stop throwing your dog sticks. Not naming the teachers involved in disgraceful episodes with their students. More about clearing the beggars off the streets, and the proposed Wellington solution to this. Sleeping rough on the streets of Auckland in sympathy with the homeless, that's happening tonight, and television ads aimed at children, or not aimed at children at all, depending on who you believe.