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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 13 May 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - John Huston of Auckland nominated Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan.

1:15 8 Months To Mars - Brook Turner - CEO of the Zeal Education Trust - a not-for-profit youth organisation for the advancement of young people in the creative arts, leadership and education.

2:10 How far back do words go? - Dr Andrea Calude
That's the question that inspired a recent, groundbreaking study of language in the UK recently, and a kiwi linguist was part of the team behind it. Dr Andrea Calude from the Department of Applied Linguistics at Waikato University, was one of a small group of researchers at the University of Reading who made an attempt to trace a group of words that may have been in use for over 15,000 years. That is, since the last ice-age.
Dr Calude  and her colleagues spent years coding words that have similar sounds and meanings across different languages, in order to prove we've been using them for even longer than anyone had previously thought.

2:20 The Firehouse Museum - Brian Denton -  Volunteer Firefighter Brian Denton began his collection of fire-fighting collectables with a few toy engines and some old photographs.
Fast forward fourteen years, and Brian and his wife Lesley are now the proprietors of the Northland Firehouse Museum, one of the single largest collections of fire-fighting memorabilia in the country.
The current exhibition includes ten full-size fire engines, hundreds of fire fighter-uniforms and thousands of photos and appliances. The Museum  is open seven days a week, and attracts visitors from all over the world.  Brian Denton is on-site at the Northland Firehouse Museum in Okaihau.

2:30 Reading - Another in our series taken from Glenn Busch's book 'The Man with No Arms and Other Stories' -  where people living with disability tell their own stories. Today, part one of  Karen Calder's story of a life changed by a gust of wind.

2:45 Feature Album - Band on the Run - Paul McCartney and Wings

3:10 Feature Author - Tracey Marceau - Everything changed on September 6th 2011.. when 18 year old Christie Marceau answered a plea for help from a troubled young man who worked with her at a local supermarket.
Akshay Chand, was obsessed with the bright, bubbly University student on Auckland's North Shore. When she got to his house he held Christie at knifepoint, asked her to strip down to her underwear .
To her parents, Tracey and Brian, Christie had been robbed of her sense of security, her gentle spirit, but so much worse was to come. While out on bail for the kidnapping charge, Chand went to the Marceau family home, pushed his way past Tracey, who answered the door and stabbed Christie to death. She died in her mother's arms.
Since then, Christie's family has been on a crusade to change bail laws, give victims a greater voice and make judges more accountable for their decisions. Tracey Marceau has written a book called Christie: A family's tragic loss and a mother's fight for justice.

3:30 Our Changing World - Alison Ballance - Kauri dieback disease knows no boundaries. It's killing our iconic kauri trees in suburban gardens in West Auckland and in the great kauri forests of Northland. Alison Ballance heads to Titirangi to find out what this deadly disease is, and what impact it's having on one particular garden that has a special association with one of New Zealand's most influential painters.

4:06 Mark Inglis and Tino Pereira are on The Panel today, discussing casino expansion in Auckland, goodbye to Aaron Gilmore, you kept the media going for a whole week, the failure of the NZQA to stop exam cheating by overseas students, saving a kokako from its dangerous suburban life after two years of dangerous living in suburbia, the Masterchef beeps and the fatal flights in cars from police.