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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 10 May 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Cheryl Sucher from Havelock North has chosen My Life by Iris DeMent.

1:15 NZ Music - Live

Toni Gibson is a Kapiti Coast singer-songwriter, who is about to release her debut album, Echo In My Soul.

2:10 Horse trek

Pete Langford is on an epic 2500 kilometre ride from Bluff to Cape Reigna on horseback. He's raising money for emergency air services trusts. We're checking in with him while he and his trusty steeds are in the Hastings area.

2:20 NZ Society - Synesthesia

Producer Amelia Nurse finds out about synesthesia from someone who experiences blended sensory perceptions.

2:30 Reading - The Man With No Arms, part five
Yesterday, in our series from people living with disability,  Anastasia Del'Monte talked of being a dedicated wife, mother and folkie. Today, we hear from Star Trekkie and problem solver, Peter Bradley.

Piano Man - Blackwood Music Inc(BMI), Billy Joel CD1 tk1, CDCBS 88 666

2:45 Feature album - Remain in Light, by Talking Heads
Today's feature album is Remain in Light, by Talking Heads (1980).

3:10 One Stop Shop

Frest, fast food with Alison Holst
Good Old Meat Loaf recipe

Weekend wine with Belinda Jackson

Movie reviews with Sarah McMullan

3:40 Event story - Upper Hutt Bird Club show

Birds of a feather will be flocking together this weekend in Upper Hutt. The Upper Hutt Bird Club is hosting their annual show, with more than 500 birds on display Saturday and Sunday. For club members, it's a chance to compete for awards and buy and sell birds. And for anyone considering a bird as a pet, it's a good chance to learn about the different breeds and their suitability.

4:06 The Panel, with Dita de Boni and Stephen Franks