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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 19 April 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Yael Shochat from Auckland has chosen Creep by Radiohead.

1:15 NZ Live

R&B singer Aaradnna has released her critically acclaimed third album, Treble and Reverb, and landed an American record deal.

2:10 Interview - theatre veteran

The theatre is in Russ Standing's blood. He first got the bug as a boy in Wimbledon London, watching pantomine. After attending art school in  Auckland and struggling to find his audience, Russ made a bold move. He left the big city for a place he calls the performing arts capital of New Zealand. Not Wellington - Hawera in South Taranaki. More than 40 years later, he's still there. His latest production is The Wizard of Oz. And when the curtain goes up in June at the Hawera Memorial theatre, it will be on a newly refurbished theatre thanks to his efforts.

2:20 NZ Society - walking for charity

In the final episode of our series exploring New Zealanders' love for walking, producer Lisa Thompson speaks to people who walk for charity.
Each year, there are dozens of  events that encourage New Zealanders to get their shoes on and to walk any number of times, distances and routes in return for donations to a particular cause.
One of the more gruelling of those is the Oxfam Trailwalker, which challenges entrants to walk 100 kilometres in less than 36 hours.

2:30 NZ Reading - Dances with Marmots (final part)
Around 3-thousand kilometres along his walk from  Mexico to Canada, George Spearing has met his first Canadians on the  Pacific Crest Trail. But he had more than one thousand kilometres more to cover before he crossed the border into their homeland.  In today's final episode of  'Dances With Marmots' - we hear George's account of the final stage of his journey.

Geoff Bartley/Paul Lenart: 'Walkin' To Heaven' (Geoff Bartley/Paul Lenart) from the CD 'GUITARSPHERES 2'   [Sonoton ,SCD 356,  Munich 1999]  INHOUSE PRODUCTION MUS

Dances With Marmots: A Pacific Trail Adventure by George G. Spearing  Pub: Magog Publishing ISBN-978-1411656185

2:45 Feature album

The Velvet Underground, by The Velvet Underground (1969).

3:08 One Stop Shop

Fresh Fast Food, Weekend Wine, Movie Reviews and Events

Link to Jonny Schwass' recipe for Apple Cider Donuts.

3:40 Events story - International Record Store Day

Six years ago, fans jamed into the Rasputin music store in San Francisco to see the band Metallica in a very intimate setting. And Record Store Day was born. The third Saturday in April is now set aside around the world to celebrate the unique culture in record stores. Tomorrow stores across the country will be holding special events to mark Record Store Day.

4:06 The Panel - Steve McCabe and Vicki Hyde

Labour and the Greens plan for a new electricty agency if elected; United Future MP Peter Dunne has withdrawn support for charter schools; Superman is 75, he's looking well for it; this was the week that NZ passed  same sex marriage into law, and we'll talk to a man who says Australia is going to lose out on a lot of money by failing to do the same.