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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 18 April 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Mary-Jane Mumford from Amberley has chosen "Pearl's a Singer", by Elkie Brooks.

1:15 Your Place

We visit Rarangi.

2:10 Sheep dog trials

If at first you don't succeed: try, try again. In fact, try 45 times and you will succeed. That's what Kaiwaka farmer Rob Hastie has done and now after almost half a century of Northland Sheep dog trialing, he and his dog Jack have won the Broadwood Sheep Dog Trial Club's short head and yard competition. He's been trialling since 1968 with various dogs over the years. Jack is the one who came through in the end. The border collie had to overcome his own challenges to be named top dog.

2:20 Corporate farmers

It's a long way from the posh corporate offices of London and Melbourne to a dairy farm in Northland, but that is where Kyle and Sarah Imeson have chosen to be. They've chucked in the city life and stable jobs in the financial industry, to return to their roots. They both grew up on farms, but left the country life to live in London and Melbourne after graduating from University. She worked in Corporate Marketing, he had a big job at Barclays Capital and Westpac bank. They travelled the world - Morocco, Barcelona, Sri Lanka - but now they've come home to lease a dairy farm in Northland.

2:30 Reading - Dances with Marmots, part 9

In the first 100 days of his walk from Mexico to Canada, disorienting High Sierra snows,  the heat. . .and a shortage of drinkable water were some of George Spearing's big problems. But as he's moved further north, there's certainly no shortage of water and bad weather becomes his constant companion as you'll hear in today's episode of  'Dances With Marmots'.

Geoff Bartley/Paul Lenart: 'Walkin' To Heaven' (Geoff Bartley/Paul Lenart) from the CD 'GUITARSPHERES 2'   [Sonoton ,SCD 356,  Munich 1999]  INHOUSE PRODUCTION MUS

Dances With Marmots: A Pacific Trail Adventure by George G. Spearing  Pub: Magog Publishing ISBN-978-1411656185

2:45 Feature Album

Sufjan Stevens' critically acclaimed 2005 album, Illinois.

3:10 Arts Report - Apocalypse Z
Justin Gregory reports on a zombie invasion in Auckland's Aotea Square. It's part of a new immersive, interactive theatre experience, called Apocalypse Z. Its writers wanted to find out what audiences, put into a crisis situation, would choose to do in the case of a zombie apocalypse - flee or fight?

3:20 Southern story - Antarctic history
Katy Gosset reports on a new chapter in the tale of an historic hut with links to Captain's Scott's Antactic expedition.

3:30 BBC Witness - The discovery of LSD
It's been 70 years since a Swiss chemist stumbled upon the controversial hallucinogenic drug. His name was Dr Albert Hoffman. He thought it could be used in psychiatry but he later came to refer to LSD as his 'problem child'.

4:06 The Panel

The new website that'll judge the judges, the leaky schools, is the cupcakes craze over, could we be facing deflation, and the question of state schools charging placement fees.