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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 21 March 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - David Munro of Karekare Beach nominated 'I Miss You' by Randy Newman

1:20  Your Place tour guides from Ohiwa Harbour - the gateway to the East Cape.

2:10 Pledge Me - Anna Guenther - Taika Waititi used crowd funding to help pay for the distribution of his movie, Boy. A young man injured on his OE in Europe used crowd funding to pay his way home.  Artists, who've been turned down for funding from traditional sources are now turning to the online community to pay for their projects.
Pledge me is one of the bigger New Zealand crowd funding sites that connects people who have ideas with people who have money. So far almost a million dollars has been raised to fund more than 200 projects around the country.  
Anna Guenther is the co founder of Pledge Me

2:20  The Monday Club - Donna Hedley - Every Wednesday,  a special club meets in Palmerston North that has become an essential part of the lives of it's members.  The club is for people with alzheimers or dementia and it offers  important social interaction for members with the disease and respite and support for the people who care for them. It's become such a popular programme, the club is expanding into Dannevirke and Levin.  The programme is run by Alzheimers Manawatu. Donna Hedley is the manager and she is on the line with us from Palmerston North

2:30 In today's Festival Review slot; a Capella covers versions of great pop songs, Benjamin Britten's birthday party, and our judgment on the festival's music programme.
We critique English A capella group The Magnets, the Little Britten Concert by the New Zealand Youth Choir and Voices New Zealand Chamber Choir and wraps-up both the classical and contemporary music programmes.

2:45 Feature Album - Double Fantasy - John Lennon and Yoko Ono released in November 1980.

3:10 Iraq: Ten years on - The invasion of Iraq - Clare Bowes of BBC Witness.
John Crawford a college student and reserve soldier - was part of the US land invasion force that rolled into Southern Iraq in March 2003. Hear his story.

3:20 The New-Look Lyttelton - Katy Gosset
Later in the show, we're in Lyttelton where locals are cleaning up their civic square and hatching plans for a new look port town.

3:30 The Flea Bay Penguins - Alison Ballance
Banks Peninsula, just south-east of Christchurch, is mostly hilly farming country, but these days nature conservation is sitting alongside farming  and tourism - and it's local farmers who are some of the most ardent conservationists.
Alison Ballance heads across to the wild eastern side of Banks Peninsula to meet Francis Helps, whose pioneering work to protect penguins on his Flea Bay farm has sparked a conservation revolution on the Peninsula.

4:06 On The Panel today are Gary Moore and Chris Trotter.
The Families Commission and the consultant. Susan Devoy as Race Relations Commissioner. What damage is being done to David Shearer by the forgotten fifty thousand? The end of the fairytale for the Tahitian Prince, does Marmite taste any different, the people who've read the Novopay Technical Review are shaking their heads and reaching for the tranquillisers, and more analysis of NZ's banking situation as we get used to the idea of open bank resolution.