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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 30 January 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written Luke Hurley nominated I'm Your Captain by Grand Funk Railroad.

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2:10  WW2 Apology - Andrea Coutts - Live for 100 years, and you collect more than just cards from the Queen, the Prime Minister and the Governor General.  You collect memories. Alissa Coutts shared some of her many rich memories at her recent centenary celebrations. Among them, the phone call 30 years ago  from the German fighter pilot who shot down her husband's plane over the North Atlantic during World War Two. He called to apologise.

2:20 The Biggest Ever Surf Wave - Garrett McNamara - Imagine facing a 100 foot wall of water... .. a wave as tall as a 10 story building... taller than the White House... and living to tell the tale. Legendary surfer, Garrett McNamara may have broken his own world record for the largest wave ever surfed off the coast of Nazare Portugal. He set the previous record surfing a 78 foot high break in the same place two years ago.

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2:30 Reading - Angela Meyer continues her story   'Sea Fever - From First Date to First Mate' 

2:45 Feature Album - L A Woman - The Doors (1971)

3:10 Virtual World - Jules Older

3:30  HMS Orpheus - Lisa Thompson
Next week marks 150 years since the sinking of the British Royal Navy corvette HMS Orpheus at the entrance to the Manukau Harbour.  Of the 259 men assumed to be on board, at least 189 lost their lives, making it New Zealand's worst maritime disaster.  Spoken features producer Lisa Thompson speaks with Naval Historian Michael Wynd and Whatipu Orpheus Commemoration committee member Bruce Harvey about the upcoming anniversary.

4:06 The Panel -  Linda Clark is on The Panel today, with Anna Chin, both out of Wellington. The big heat in NZ, and along with it of course the big fire danger and how about the big shortage of water? Are we in danger of drought yet? The ease with which dentists pass their exams at Otago University now. More on the science of sleep, which may make you feel a bit better if you're missing out on some, would you want mail only three times a week, would you think it's OK to scarper from Kenya rather than risk a jail stay, and what's acceptably funny in the world now? We've already talked this week - was it this week? - about the censoring of Fawlty Towers. How about the reaction to tghe joke about Asian women doctors told by Julia Gillard's partner in Australia.