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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 8 November 2012

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Scottie Reeve of Wellington nominated Ara Batur by Sigur Ros

1:15 Your Place - the Franklin town of Clevedon

2:10 Harry Houdon - Tom Interval

Harry Houdin is one of the most versatile magicians and performers  you've never heard of.  Born in Ireland in 1830, 40  years before the famous Harry Houdini,  he toured Australia and New Zealand in the mid 1800's doing drawing room magic and impersonations. 

Tom Interval is a A member of the Academy of Magical Arts (and International Brotherhood of Magicians. With the help of Puke Ariki's Research Centre in New Plymouth, Tom has written an ebook called Harry Houdin: "The Great Polynational Mimic".

2:20 PetsNearby - Ralph Grand

Two PhD students at Massey University have come up with an idea to connect people through their pets. Not a bad idea for two students from a University world renowned for it's veterinary school. But these guys don't plan careers working with animals.. one is studying biochemistry  the other is working towards a PhD in Genetics. Mack Saraswat and Ralph Grand  both share a love of animals so they've set up PetsNearby... a website for petlovers and pets.

2:30 Reading - Perry Piercy reads 'A Merciful Release'  by Shirley Eng.

2:45 Feature Album -  Ladies of the Canyon - Joni Mitchell's third album  (1970)

3:10 Arts Report  The Drama School - Justin Gregory
The actors behind the country's newest drama school, Auckland based The Actors Program, say they know what the industry needs and they can prove it.

3:20  Well-being of a city - Katy Gosset
Health professionals expected that this year might be a tough one for Cantabrians grappling with the aftermath of the region's quakes. And they've come up with an interactive game that's keeping locals focused on the important things of life.

3:40 Our Changing World - Hunting for Godwits - Alison Ballance

Every weekend keen birders Colin Hill and Steve Wratten head to Lake Ellesmere in search of wading birds.

4:06 The Panel - David Farrar and Sir Bruce Slane

We discuss the U.S. election aftermath, and the implications, the Prime Minister's disavowal of remarks about David Beckham being thick, why don't modern cars have spare tyres anymore, why can't we fix leaky homes and an older generation in denial it's claimed, both in America with the election result, and locally with opposition to gay marriage says Louisa Wall l... so is this right, this assigning of dinosaur views to older people?