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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 1 November 2012

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Ken Double from Wellington nominated Let the Mystery Be by Iris DeMent

1:15 Your Place - off-shore to the island of Niue - a bit north-east of us.

Tour guides:

Sarah Porter   
Commodore Keith Vial
Mark Blumsky

2:10  The Yeti sightings - Dr Jeff Meldrum
Russian scientists claim DNA tests on hair found in a Siberian cave may prove that the mysterious Yeti may actually exist.  The Moscow Times reports that a professor at the State Hydrometeorological University in St. Petersburg is "60 to 70 per cent" certain the hairs belong to a Yeti-like creature.
Yeti hunters have reported sightings in the area before. Doctor Jeff Meldrum is a biologist and cryptozoologist at Idaho State University. He was there were the hair samples were found.

2:20  The Bounty - Don Nightingale
She was one of the first casualties of Hurricane Sandy.
The 180-foot, three-masted replica of the famous Ship, the  Bounty went down in raging seas about 144 kilometers off the coast of North Carolina earlier this week.
14 crew were rescued but the Captain is still missing. The Bounty was built in Nova Scotia in 1962 for the Movie Mutiny on the Bounty starring Marlon Brando and Trevor Howard.   
Don Nightingale of Glenbervie outside Whangarei was especially sad to see the magnificent ship go down. He was on his own sailing expedition in Tahiti in 1962 when film makers recruited him to work as an extra aboard the Bounty

2:30 Reading - Lisa French Blaker joins a new Medecins Sans Frontieres team at a new location in Darfur in today's episode from her book. 

2:45 Feature Album - Escape - Journey's seventh studio album from 1981

3:10  Ian Hunter's new album
A brand new album from the front man of 1970s group Mott The Hoople, proves that he's lost none of his power, and aged 73, he can teach current acts a thing or two about how to rock and roll.

3:20  Southern story: Village Milk - raw milk supply

Fourth-generation dairy farmers Mark and Phillippa Houston are in talks with the Ministry of Primary Industries and other raw milk producers, determined to establish a robust raw milk industry. Village Milk, based in an old milking shed on 71 hectares of good earth in Motupipi, opened in December 2011. Sage Forest finds dairy-worker David Prebble introducing new customers to the raw milk dispenser at Village Milk in Golden Bay.

3:40 Our Changing World -  Navigation for Robots - Ruth Beran

Navigation for autonomous robots is a Catch 22. You need to know where you are to build a map, and you need a map to know where you are. Find out why a teenager's bedroom is one of the hardest places for a robot to map.

4:06 The Panel - Jordan Williams and Penny Ashton.

We'll discuss the proposal that ACC be extended to cover disease as well as accident. New research suggests humans are becoming more psychopathic, less empathetic. Should Quade Cooper be clobbered for criticising the coach, and why do you need $10 million worth of public liability insurance if you're a community group wanting to fundraise by cleaning up the mess at a stadium?