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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 25 October 2012

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Ali Beaumont of Queenstown has nominated Stay Human by Michael Franti.

1:15 Your Place - Our tour guides from Okato today - the small town about 25 minutes from New Plymouth on State Highway 45.

2:10 The Middle Earth Sound - Stuart Bowling
When The Hobbit makes it's journey into theatres in December, Peter Jackson doesn't want it to just look like Middle Earth.. he wants it to SOUND like Middle Earth too.  The Hobbitt..An Unexpected Journey will be released in Dolby Atmos.. which is a new immersive sound system. Dolby Laboratories has come up with the new system. It features two extra arrays of overhead speakers. Sound can be directed to individual speakers inside movie theatres.  Stuart Bowling is the Senior  Worldwide Technical Marketing Manager for Dolby Laboratories and he made the announcement today.

2:20 The Printing Press - Dr John Holmes
Tucked inside the University of Otago Library, there is a room dedicated to keeping history, and a process that dates back to the 15th century, alive.  The Otakou Press Room was established more than 50 years ago to keep the art of printing on letterpresses going.  In these days when printing is as easy as the push of a button, the letter press requires careful attention: each word is set out letter by letter, brused with ink  and pressed on to paper t to form an impression. It's not far off what Gutenberg did when he invited the printing press in 1440. Dr John Holmes an Otago Southland medical officer of health and this year's Printer in Residence.

2:30 Mugshot Find -  Lem Lyes

A printing press no doubt was used by newspapers to tell the story of Daniel Joseph Tohill in 1908. He cut a dashing figure:  young handsome, perfectly groomed mustache and apparently a fur necklet theif. A mugshot that's more than 100 years old has stolen the hearts of admirers around the world.  
It originally appeared  on the "Ridiculously Photogenic 19th century NZ Criminal" exhibition by the New Zealand Police Museum, but bloggers and photo upload sites have picked it up so now Mr Tohill has reached an audience of millions.    But history buff Lem Lyes from Dunedin wanted to know more about this handsome rouge. So he did some research and discovered there's more to Daniel Tohill than meets the eye. Lem an archive producer with NH-NZ.

2:35  Reading

Part three of our twelve part reading of 'Heart of Darfur', written and told by New Zealand nurse Lisa French Blaker.

'Grieving song for the loss of loved ones during the war', traditional, performed by members of the Sudanese Community in Wellington

2:45 Feature Album - Get Nervous - Pat Benatar's fourth album, released in 1982.

3:10 Skyfall - Anna McNamee from BBC Strand
Fifty years old and still kicking! James Bond is back with the latest offering directed by Oscar-winning Sam Mendes. Skyfall takes us back to the roots of 007 and features a sinister villain played by Spanish Oscar-winner Javier Bardem

3:20 The Christchurch Homeless - Katy Gosset
Finding somewhere to live in Christchurch has become a challenge - not just for workers helping with the rebuild - but also for some of the city's youth who have limited prospects
Katy Gosset talks to one former homeless man who wants to put a roof over some of the city's troubled youth.

3:30 Our Changing World   Preventing Depression - Veronika Meduna
A team at Victoria University finds that a few minutes of training each day can prevent the blues.
Find out how a video game on your smart phone can help prevent depression.

4:06 The Panel - Jock Anderson and Simon Pound

Parental leave for women in the workforce, the suggestion of out the IMF that the world should just float its debt away. Do you like surprises? We'll talk about that. If you're an Aucklander do you want your future to be crowded housing? And why are we still building leaky homes? We'll hear an argument today that the building industry is essentially in a state of chaos.