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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 27 September 2012

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Philip Drummond from Christchurch nominated 'Weekend in New England' by Barry Manilow.

1:15 Your Place - Haast

Our Haast tour guides were Ian Rendell, Eamond Johnston and Barry Wyber.


TITLE:      Dewnadzad Rasboninikov (12 Robbers)
ARTIST:    Bert Schillings with The Royal Song Association Mastreechter Staar (Dutch Choir)
ALBUM:   125 Jaar - Mastreechter Staar

2:10 The Story of John Simpson

It is an enduring image from the first World War.. stretcher bearer John Simpson Kirkpatrick ferrying wounded soldiers on a donkey from ANZAC Cove  in April 1915 during the brutal fighting at Gallipoli.  
He rescued  300 wounded men in a 25 day period, and then  was killed by sniper fire  a month later.
He served as an ANZAC solider and  is a hero to so many in New Zealand and Australia, But his story is almost unknown in South Shields, near Newcastle upon Tyne in the North of England where he was born.
But there is a campaign to change that. A delegation from the RSL  in Australia this week met  members of South Tyneside Council who have named Kirkpatrick "a son of the Borough" because of his acts of valour.
They've started an online petition to award Simpson the Victoria Cross, almost 100 years after his death.   

Jim Mora talks with Alan Kerr, the Deputy Leader of South Tyneside Council, and Major Arthur Venthan, the secretary of Quinns Rocks RSL in Western Australia.

2:20  The Search for Kimble Bent - Tamatea Rangi
For 18 years Tamatea Rangi has searched for the unmarked grave of a man who also died during the first World War, though he wasn't at it. He was the many known as the Pakeha Maori .. Kimble Bent.  
Bent was an American soldier in the British army sent here in the 1860's during the New Zealand Land Wars. He deserted the British Army, was 'adopted" by  Maori  and fought alongside paramount Taranaki chief Titokowaru.  
Bent died in Marlborough in 1916.  He was labelled a traitor by the government  and was buried in an unmarked grave at Omaka cemetery.
Tamatea Rangi started searching for the grave in 1994 after researching his own family's connection to Maori Chief Titokowaru. 

2:30 Reading - Colour Scheme - Ngaio Marsh.

Peter Vere-Jones reads episode 2 of  'Colour Scheme' by Ngaio Marsh.

Tina's Tango by James Moody. Tk 10 PML-CD 1013

2:45 Feature Album  -  Chant Darling - Lawrence Arabia  (2009)

3:10  West Side Story - Vincent Dowd from BBC Witness.

3:20 Our Changing World

Victoria University's Jeff Sigafoos (pron. SIG-afoos like caboose) is trying to identify the best communication tools for those children with autism who don't speak.
Find out how an iPad is being used as an electronic speech-generation device.

3:30  Rhys Darby Returns To Christchurch - Katy Gosset

A visit to Christchurch proved a surreal step back in time for one of the country's top comedians.
Rhys Darby met his wife and performed his first stand up routine in the now quake-ravaged Christchurch CBD.
Katy Gosset takes Rhys into the red zone where he says his comedy career began.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Show - Susan Baldacci

4:06 The Panel - Joe Bennett and David Farrar