1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Van Morrison's Queen Of The Slipstream chosen by Molly Blain.

1:15 Link 3 - music game

2:10 Feature stories

When Kereopa Te Rau was captured in Opotiki in 1871 - and later hung for the killing of a missioner - he'd been on the run for seven years. This week his biographer Peter Wells was announced as the winner of the 2011 Creative New Zealand Michael King Fellowship for a book that will tell the story of the pursuit and trial of Te Rau.

Craig Douglas, a Christchurch-based events promoter, is giving people in Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch a taste of outdoor skating downtown, setup in much the same way as the famous Rockefeller Center in New York is in winter. The Douglas Webber Group is shipping out a 4.2 million dollar rink from Amsterdam for three ice hockey games here late July and has decided to break it into pieces for what they're calling a City Rink Tour.

2:30 Reading

Kate de Goldi's The 10 pm Question, told by John Leigh.

2:45 Feature Album

Graceland by Paul Simon (1986)

3:12 Virtual World

The end of the world; email scams; the future of the book; and digital money savers:www.zennioptical.com and www.airbnb.com.

3:33 Auckland story

Revitalising Auckland's waterfront.

4:06 The Panel

Neil Miller and Josie McNaught.