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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 8 July 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Girl from Ipanema composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim Astrud Gilberto / Stan Getz chosen by Mike Manning from the Bay of Islands.

1:15 Your Place

Inangahua Junction at the confluence of the Inangahua and Buller Rivers - 34 kilometres north of Reefton and 46 southeast of Westport in the Buller region of the South Island's West Coast.

2:10 Feature stories

George Malbourne lived a simple life with a secret. He rode his bicycle to the shops in the Auckland suburb of Mount Eden,people would see him in the village, but he mostly kept to himself. No wife. No children.

He recently died at the age of 89 after suffering a stroke. What very few people knew, is that George Malbourne was a millionaire. When he died he left 1.7 million dollars to the Salvation Army. It's the largest legacy given to the Sallies by an individual donor.

An all female Wellington hip hop crew has won the right to represent New Zealand at the Fisaf World Hip Hop dance championships in Holland.

See a video of the group performing.

2:30 NZ Reading

Animals and Other Crackers - a light-hearted look at country life written by Anthony Steemson.

2:55 He Rourou

Former Maori language commissioner Wayne Ngata says he's confident the Commssion's new Chief Executive will be able to meet the challenges ahead. Ana Tapiata spoke to Wayne Ngata about the aspirations of the Commission and the new CE's role in making them happen.

2:50 Feature Album

Veckatimest, the third album by American band Grizzly Bear.

3:10 Arts Report

The ultimate community art project - the planting of the first Freedom Fruit Garden in Otara, and Arts Foundation laureate Shane Cotton.

3:33 BBC story

The award-winning Turkish writer Elif Shafak takes us on a personal cultural tour of Istanbul. Her latest book The 40 Rules of Love focuses on the characters from ancient Turkey and sufism, a subject close to her heart, whose many symbols can be seen on the streets of Istanbul, many of her other books have the city playing an important role.

3:47 Environment story

Fossil hunting, identifying new species, and astronomy, have more in common than you might think.

They're all areas of scientific research, but more importantly, they're three areas of scientific discovery where "amateurs" and non-scientists, can actually make a difference.

John Field is a programmes officer at Wellington's Carter Observatory by day, but by night he spends as much time as he can in his own backyard observatory.

Ruth Beran goes to his home in Stokes Valley, to do some star gazing and get some advice on the best way for a novice - like herself, to look at the night sky.

4:06 The Panel

David Slack and Rosemary McCloud. Finger pointing in Auckland, whose fault is it that the Onehunga platform is too short for trains? Revisiting the Bain trial, what does the law say? What should or shouldn't you be allowed to read in prison? This after a prisoner had a Cosmo magazine taken out of his cell, and he wants to read a book called The Human Zoo, by Desmond Morris, buy he isn't allowed to because it's "prohibited". And Paul the psychic octopus called it for Spain - now the TAB is taking bets on whether Paul will get the World Cup Final right.