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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 18 June 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

A Winter's Tale by Queen chosen by Mitch Mallooly from Waiheke Island.

1:15 NZ Music - Live

Ben King, a multi-instrumentalist and guitarist and backing vocalist in the band Goldenhorse. He has recently released an album, Faint Heartedness. He is also a foodie and shares his recipe for Speculaas Stewed Fruit Bran Muffins.

2:10 Feature stories

Former Radio Sport Rugby and cricket commentator Iain Gallaway and sports writer and New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame Chief Executive Ron Palenski discuss the closure of Carisibrook.

2:30 NZ Reading

Part three The Fat Man by Maurice Gee

2:55 He Rourou

After schooling entirely in the Maori language, Hana Tapiata decided to spend her final year at a mainstream secondary school. The reason - to pursue her dream of a professional sports career.

Ana Tapiata talks with Hana about the reasons she remains supportive of the kura kaupapa Maori education system.

2:50 Feature Album

To the Sea by singer-songwriter Jack Johnson.

3:10 Fresh Fast Food

Alison Holst's Good Old Meatloaf.

3:20 Weekend Wine - Karl Du Fresne

Under $10: Tolaga Bay Estate Muscat 2009 ($9.99)

Over $10: Church Road Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2008, recommended retail price $24-25, but available for as little as $15.

Special occasion: Rosemount Show Reserve 2006(RRP about $36, but again, may be found for less. It. could go nicely with Alison's meatloaf.

3:25 Weekend Weather

The Metservice's weather Ambassador, Bob McDavitt.

3:29 Movie Review - Noelle McCarthy

Shrek, The Final Chapter.

3:35 Sports Story

Keith Lynch talks about the Soccer World Cup.

3:47 NZ Society

Amelia Nurse looks below the surface of the names of people we encounter every day.

4:00 The Panel

Nicky Pellegrino and Jon Bridges.

Who should be going to university?; The Lower Hutt mayor responds to criticism of the cutting down of the 150-year-old pohutukawa to make way for this interesting organisation known as the Hosanna Outreach church; Tea is just as hydrating for you as water is, it's not a diuretic at all, and more findings as to the benefits of green tea; Would you care if a customs officer who strip-searched you were gay?; FIFA's savage crackdown on the Dutch women who wore the orange min-dresses as an advertising stunt, the empty stadiums and FIFA's seeming responsibility for that, too; They're missing with the new ball they're using - one reason why the soccer's so dull, and our list of the best soccer commentary cliches; And young women are entering puberty earlier than ever, some as young as 7. Why?