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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 17 June 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Betty Price from Masterton likes Amazing Grace.

1:15 Your Place

A small village in South Taranaki with a recent troubled past, Waitotara, which is named for its river and the large clusters of totara trees clinging to its banks, some growing out of the river itself.

2:10 Feature stories

Dr Simon Pierce talks about whale sharks and his work with the Megafauna Foundation.

Mervyn Tyree is turning heads in Timaru with his 13 tonne custom built motorhome he calls the Endeavour. It took a year to build. The top of the vehicle is a fibreglass shell , set on a Mitsubishi Fuso truck chassis. There's a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living area and driving area. The motorhome is the first in New Zealand to be fully computerised with a monitoring and control system.

See some pictures of Mervyn Tyree's mega motorhome

2:30 NZ Reading

Part two of Maurice Gee's award winning novel, The Fat Man - Colin has been caught eating chocolate which belonged to a Fat Man he saw swimming in the creek. Now he has to help the Fat Man do a job.

2:50 Feature Album

Around the World in a Day, the seventh LP release by Prince and The Revolution (1985)

2:55 He Rourou

Moving from a co-ed school of 50 students to a single sex college of 16-hundred is just one of the changes Hana Tapiata had to handle in order to pursue an international basketball scholarship.

Hana Tapiata talks to her aunty Ana, about her new school, her current studies and her future plans.

Maori theatre is putting its best foot forward.

On the arts today Lynn Freeman talks with a panel of Maori playwrights and actors about the current state of play of Maori theatre.

3:33 Christchurch story

When it comes to pleasures of the flesh, Eden Thomson has a love for finding out what his can withstand. He could hang all day and all night suspended by meaty hooks, just for fun.

Eden belongs to an outfit called SKINDEPENDENT - a group of performers with a mutual love for body suspension.

Sonia Yee investigates the art of Flesh Suspension.

3:47 Our Changing World Segment

At the University of Canterbury, there is a UV laser which produces a beam so intense, it can melt refractory metals like platinum and titanium. Roger Reeves and his team are using it to make thin films for improving optoelectronic devices like LEDs and solar panels.

4:06 The Panel

Neil Miller and Josie McNaught.

The money they want to spend on a recent history of Auckland City - a good idea or not?; The marvellous pohutukawa they have chopped down in the Hutt Valley because it wasn't on the district plan; Your superstitious ideas, or the lucky charms you use, do actually help you succeed in life, apparently; The Times newspaper is no longer available free, on the internet. Is this the start of paying for your news online, or will Rupert Murdoch fail in his attempt to make us do that?; How come Darren Hughes the MP has no trouble separating out his private spending from his parliamentary credit card use?; And more from the World Cup - the vaunted Spanish fall on their faces, the cliches that soccer commentators use, and Kim Jong-Il's invisible cellphone that he uses to communicate with the coach of the North Korean team.