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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 4 May 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Under Pressure by David Bowie and Queen is the Best Song Ever Written according to Ali Copeman from Dunedin

1:15 Critical Mass

Noelle McCarthy takes a look at the internet, or more specifically a look at how we are using it.

Internet use in China

Freewheelin' Internets

Judges on facebook

Producer, writer and critic - avid TV watcher, Phil Wallington talks about Doris Day Superstar - 6:30 Monday night on the Documentary Channel; Lost In Wonderland - Documentary Channel Sunday 6:30pm, the story of Rob Moodie...his has been seen by festival audiences but not before on TV. One of the best local docos in years.

Sunday, Sunday night TV One - lead story...John Hudson's report on stomach stapling and diet loss... This was a timely and very well told story... John has great contacts (through his partner Lauren Young) and managed to gain access and trust from a wide range of parients and their doctors. Obesity and weightless are such an issue de jour and the number of people who have benefitted from this technique are numerous... Tariana Turia, Ken Douglas, Bernard Hickey and, of course Donna Awatere Huata.

2:10 Feature stories

Bad things happen to good people. None of us are at our best when we're under stress. A former Swiss airforce colonel and commercial airline captain says there are tell-tale signs that things are about to go wrong. Werner Naef has been speaking to standing-room only groups at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anesthetists in Christchurch. These doctors have stressful jobs. Mr Naef has sharing his insights about the warning signs when colleagues are not at their best. He's finished his workshops this morning

One of the West Coast's oldest rail tunnels has been relegated to history. The 90 Meter long Kiwi Point rail tunnel east of Greymouth near Stillwater was built 130 years ago, mostly by hand. In a shower of dust and smoke, KiwiRail engineers blasted the tunnel on Monday. They're making it bigger and more modern. The "daylight" project will cost about a million dollars.The Kiwi Point Tunnel was built in the 1880s when trains carried lighter and smaller loads. Walter Rushbrook is the KiwiRail Central region manager and he's on the line from Wellington

2:30 Reading

Crime Story by Maurice Gee

The reader is Stuart Devenie

2:45 He Rourou

As part of their ANZAC day commemorations, children at the Maori language school in Wellington wrote to soldiers in Afghanistan.

Ana Tapiata talks with Vietnam vet, now teacher, Tinokura Tairea about his thoughts on War today, and also about the ANZAC day activities of his students.

2:50 Feature Album

Land's End is the fifth album by American songwriter Jimmy Webb, released in 1974.

3:12 Tune Your Engine

Associate Professor Paul Middleton is with us. What to do when your child gets sick. This is a book designed as the essential emergency manual for parents and carers of children, by Prof Paul Middleton, Dr Andrew Ratchford, Dr John Mackenzie and Dr Jason Smith.

It covers topics all parents need to know about, like the glass test to recognise meningitis, how to know if a child's fever is manageable at home or has become critical. It covers all sorts of illnesses (headaches, earaches, mental health problems) as well as accidents (burns, bites, poisoning etc).

3:33 Asian Report

A Mosque or Masjid (pronounced mus-jeed) is a building or house for Islamic worship.

And to many, the Kilbirnie Mosque in Wellington is a place of curiosity and perhaps mystery. The uniqueness and strength of this particular place of worship is in its diversity with around 42 ethnic community groups involved.

Sonia Yee takes a visit to the centre as they open their doors for the first time for an arts and cultural exhibition, and discovers that it's a place which unites people and provides a foundation for a way of life.

3:47 Environment story

We all have DNA, it encodes our genetic information, and it's the basis of inheritance.

Its double-helix structure is now instantly recognisable, and one of the men who discovered it, Francis Crick, called it the: "secret of life".

It may seem somewhat surprising then, that scientists believe that RNA rather than DNA formed the basis of life.

Like DNA, RNA can encode genetic information, but unlike the double helix structure of DNA, RNA molecules only have a single strand.

Scientists at Massey University are looking at RNA to try and answer some fundamental questions, like:- how did life on Earth originate? And under what physical conditions?

Ruth Beran meets with Massey University's Geoff Jameson, Pat Edwards and starts by asking David Penny a question of her own.

4:06 The Panel

Julia Hartley-Moore and Graham Bell are on The Panel. How much TV is too much for young children? The fight clubs congregating with the help of text messaging. What happened to the service in service stations? Too many people are going to their GPs with problems that are all inside their heads. Remembering the Kent State shootings 40 years on. Do we feel sorry for Roman Polanski? He's spoken out for the first time.