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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 29 April 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Today we travel to Napier, where Max Neumegen has chosen Full Circle" by Loreenna Mc Kennett.

1:15 Your Place

Time to visit another of our less populated rural places until 2 o'clock. We can trace the history of this one back to March 8th 1887. On that date the first auction of town land was held, effectively splitting up part of a 90,000 hectare endowment block acquired six years earlier by the Wellington and Manawatu railway Company.
The new township was adjacent to two large swamps where extensive amounts of flax was growing. The village took it's very Irish name from a director of the Railway company and by 1917 it was constituted a borough. Located just 32 kilometres by road from Palmerston North and 16 from Levin, this town sits in the foothills of the Tararua Range in the district of Horowhenua.
Welcome to Shannon, population just 1,500, the passing point on state highway 57, otherwise known as the back road to Palmerston North.

2:10 Feature stories

Brett McGregor claims he's never been a bit hit in the kitchen at home. But the deputy principal at Christchurch's Branston Intermediate did impress the judges of New Zealand Masterchef .He's won New Zealand's first ever Master Chef title. More than 500 would-be chef's tried out for the competition. Brett isn't a professional chef, but he beat them all. He admits he never really cooks much for his friends and family, but I have a feeling that is all going to change. Studies show more men are cooking at home than ever before. And maybe Brett McGregor's win will inspire even more men to get in the kitchen.

A robot called Autom is about to hit the diet aid market. It will happily remind you about that all those things you don't want to hear. The 38-centimetre tall robot has blue eyes that will look straight at you and remind you to step away from the croquembouche . Autom gives dieters advice about calorie counts, exercise goals and motivation. It builds up knowledge over time and can tailor questions and advice for individual needs. It's about to go on the market in the US.

2:30 NZ Reading - Part 4 of 'Crime Story' by Maurice Gee

The scene shifts back to Wellington where Gwen Peet tries to come to terms with her daughter-in-law, Ulla's life as a quadraplegic.
Crime Story read by Stuart Devenie

2:55 He Rourou

Tomorrow is the final day for submissions on the proposed Foreshore and Seabed legislation. One of the Maori officials who been attending the consultation hui says people should not be too concerned about the low turnout. In He Rourou today, Ana Tapiata talks with John Whaanga, one of the Maori officials who's travelling with Minister Chris Finlayson on the latest consultation round.

2:50 Feature Album

New Zealand music month begins officially on Saturday, it was launched this week at a swanky 'do at Auckland Zoo. On Tuesday night, revellers were serenaded by Hollie Smith and next-big-thing Seth Hapu in the Elephant House, one -time home of the late, lamented Kashin the Elephant at an industry party that kicked off the festivities.
Todays feature album is the second offering from a kiwi band whose influences have ranged from punk and ska to Dalmation folk, but whose rock and roll credentials are also impeccable, as anyone who's ever seen them play live will attest. "Pipeline Under The Ocean" was released by Auckland band Pluto at the beginning of 2005. The follow-up to their debut "Redlight Syndrome", it garnered both critical acclaim and radio-play locally, and took the bands success to another level in New Zealand. This is the song that won them "single of the year' at the 2006 NZ Music Awards, "Long White Cross"

3:12 Arts Report

Now we're joined by Lynn Freeman and this week a look at the expanding arts scene in Auckland, and how other parts of the country are contributing.
But first, another round in the Dunedin-inspired controversy on whether or not the creators of Public Art should be given our unconditional trust.

3:33 Christchurch story

Three families settle in the Christchurch in the first half of the 19th Century- the Deans, the Mansons and the Gebbies.
The second part of this two-part series 'Home Sweet Home' looks at the Deans Family who built and established a homestead, and stock farm in Riccarton.
Austen Deans continues a journey of memories through his birthplace- Riccarton House and later Manager Rob Dally provides a surprising insight into something rather frightening…

3:47 Environment

Today is World Day of Immunology, a day aimed at raising awareness about the critical importance of the immune system in everyday life.
While it may not be something we think about everyday here in New Zealand, tuberculosis is the most lethal known bacteria, claiming nearly two million lives every year, and newly infecting more than eight million people. And it's estimated that one New Zealander each day is being newly diagnosed with TB.
Ruth Beran meets Jo Kirman from the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research who is looking at particular immune system cells to create a better vaccine for tuberculosis

4:06 The Panel

Rosemary McLeod and Michele Boag are on The Panel.