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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 14 April 2008

Afternoons for Monday 14 April 2008

1:06 Jim's Essay

1:10 Best Song Ever Written: Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple

Off the album of the same name. Nominated by Amy Hamilton-Chadwick.

1:15 8 Months to Mars: Ant Timpson

2:00 News

2:10 Cook Strait Swimmer

The seas were choppy but the tides were in Casey Glover's favour when he took on the Cook Strait at the weekend and won! The 21-year old has become the fastest person to swim the strait, after touching land at the Marlborough Sound's Perano Head yesterday, 4 hours 37 minutes and 56 seconds after leaving Ohau Pt on Wellington's west coast.

Casey not only knocked off 27 minutes from the previous best time, he was also 2 hours 11 minutes faster than the previous best north-south swim!

2:20 Supercars

Come 7.30 this Friday morning the floodgates will open in Hamilton to the first of the hoards expected for the start of the long-awaited Hamilton 400 - V8 Supercar street race, the self-professed noisiest, fastest and largest event of its kind in the country.
It's the first year of a seven year schedule for the V8 championships and behind the scenes organisers and Hamilton district and regional authorities have been working for months to ensure the iconic event runs without so much as a splutter.
To that end, organisers are frantically reviewing the headaches and hour- long waits encountered by motorists wanting to attend Saturday night's Balloons over Waikato event at the University. Hamilton District Council's Communication and Marketing Executive is Curt Christiansen.

2:30 NZ Reading : Farewell Campo 12

James Hargest was a New Zealander, in fact he was a Member of Parliament. He was also a soldier who fought in both World Wars. And as a Brigadier General, was the highest ranking British officer to escape successfully in either world war. Today we begin a reading of his escape story.

2:45 He Rourou

In He Rourou today, Ana Tapiata talks to 76 year old Maraea Riddell about her family

2:50 Feature Album: Blonde on Blonde by Bob Dylan (released in 1966)

It is believed to be the first significant double album in rock music - its length forcing it to two LPs.

3:00 News

3:12 Author Slot: Hurry Up and Meditate - your Starter Kit for Inner Peace and Better David Michie

The story of Perth PR consultant and author, David Michie a story which is fast becoming a familiar one - the tale of the outwardly successful but overly dissatisfied modern professional.
Michie was what outsiders may have called a success story; working as a busy PR executive in London, living in a tidy inner-city apartment, driving a luxury car and jetting round the globe to exotic holiday locations. Michie had achieved all his life goals, but still felt stangely dissatisifed, highly stressed and was plagued by a small but unrelenting sense of dysphoria.
A chance remark from a naturopath sent David Michie to his local Buddhist centre, where he put bum to cushion and set about clearing his mind with the art of meditation. Michie - once the ultimate high-flying sceptic. became a meditation evangelist and bestselling author with the book Buddhism for busy people. He has just published his second book in a similar vein: aimed especially at those with either no time or no patience for the complacent practice of meditation- paradoxically entitled Hurry up and Meditate.

3:33 This Way Up: Gun licences

With the duck hunting season kicking off in a few weeks, how tough is it to get a gun license?

3:47 Environment Story

In our environment story today part 2 of our butterfly excursion in Otari Wilton's bush with butterfly expert George Gibbs:

4:00 News

4:06 The Panel: Jane Clifton and Amanda Miller

4:30 News Headlines/Traffic/Weather