10 Jan 2015

A History of Student Radio - Episode Three

From A History of Student Radio, 2:00 pm on 10 January 2015

A four-part journey through 45 years of student radio in New Zealand - the stars and bands who got their breaks, the politics, the music, the piracy and the ‘No. 8 wire’, sink or swim mentality.

Radio One's Bald Breakfast.

Radio One's Bald Breakfast. Photo: courtesy of Richard Wain.

Student radio stations tap into the 'youth market' to generate advertising revenue; the 'alternative' becomes mainstream; and we hear about some of the non-musical exploits of student radio, including dubious news gathering practises, the art of making a student radio advertisment, and 95Bfm's 'Dad's Tips'.

In the last episode of A History Of Student Radio we left you hanging, with some stations ceasing to be...

In 1992 Wellington’s Radio Active was shut down by the student’s association because of the financial burden - losses amounted to around $200,000. Twenty five investors - mostly DJs and fans - put in two thousand dollars each, set up a limited liability company and within a week it was back on air.

Radio UFM in Christchurch also closed it’s doors briefly in 1989, for the same reasons. But a proposal to improve the station’s management convinced the student association to resume broadcasting.

So, in this episode, they’re back on air, trying to make some money, and getting stronger than ever.  

Voices of Episode Three

Graeme Hill, Paul Casserly, Gemma Gracewood, Russell Brown, Mikey Havoc, Wallace Chapman, Adam Hyde, Jesse Mulligan, Craig Black, Miles Buckingham, Mark Cubey, Shannon Williams, Bret McKenzie, Lewis Tennant, Tim Baird, Fiona Fraser,  Andy 'Flyboy' Dickson, Wallace Chapman, James Dignan

Tim and Fraser in the RDU studio.

Tim and Fraser in the RDU studio. Photo: supplied by Tim Baird

Radio Active Breakfast host Lewis Tennant in studio 1997.

Radio Active Breakfast host Lewis Tennant in studio 1997. Photo: supplied by Lewis Tennant


Music Details

Artist: Primal Scream
Song: Loaded
Composer: Bobby Gillespie/Andrew Innes/Robert A Young
Label: Sony

Artist: The Cure
Song: Pictures of You
Composer: Smith, Gallup, Williams, Thompson, O’Donnell, Tolhurst
Album: Disintegration
Label: Fiction Records

Artist: Bird Nest Roys
Song: Alien
Composer:Bird Nest Roys
Album:Me Want Me Get Me Need Me Have Me Love
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Push Push
Song: Trippin’
Composer: Havoc, Kane, Abplanalp, Push Push
Label: Tall Poppy

Artist: Headless Chickens
Song: Gaskrankinstation
Composer: C Matthews
Album:Body Blow
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Bailter Space
Song: Robot World
Composer: Bailter Space
Album:Robot World
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Hallelujah Picassos
Song: Rewind - Klink Klank Klunk Klonk(double spoon mix)
Composer: Pailing/Picassos
Album: U+I
Label: Wildside

Artist: The Breeders
Song: Cannonball
Composer: Kim Deal
Album: Last Splash
Label: 4AD

Artist: Winston Francis
Song:Let’s go to Zion extended mix
Composer: Francis
Album: 7”
Label: Studio One

Artist: Nirvana
Song: In Bloom
Composer: Cobain/Grohl/Novoselic
Album: Nevermind
Label: Geffen

Artist: Dark Tower
Song: You Beauty
Composer: Jody Lloyd
Album: On The Beat’n’Track
Label: Curious Records

Artist: The Orb
Song: Little Fluffy Clouds (Dance Remix 2)
Composer: Paterson/Glover)
Album: U.F. Off: The Best of The Orb
Label: Island Records

Artist: Strawpeople
Song: One Good Reason (Hell Of A Night Edit)
Composer: P Judd
Album: Hemisphere
Label: Pagan

Artist: Salmonella Dub
Song: More Dub Crazy
Composer: Deakins,Penman,Taane,Tyler,Wilcox
Album: Salmonella Dub
Label: Curious

Artist: Salmonella Dub
Song:Drunken Monkey
Composer: Salmonella Dub
Album:Calming of the Drunken Monkey
Label: Curious Records

Artist: Nas
Song: The World Is Yours
Composer: P. Phillips, N. Jones
Album: Illmatic

Artist: Ronny Jordan
Song: The Jackal (the illest mix)
Composer:D.Bryant, R. Jordan, J. Campbell, T. Mason
Album: Bad Brothers: Ronny Jordan meets DJ Krush
Label: Island

Artist: Tool
Song: Forty Six & 2
Composer: Tool
Album: Aenima
Label: Zomba

Artist: Prodigy
Song: Breathe
Album: The Fat of The Land
Label: XL Recordings

Artist: Shihad
Song: Deb’s Night Out
Composer: Shihad
Label: Wildside

Artist: Mobile Stud Unit
Song: Boozing
Album: Green Eggs and Hamilton: A compilation of Hamilton Music
Label: Contact89FM

Artist: HDU
Song: Lull
Composer: T. Dingemans, C. Karlis, N. Phillips
Album: Higher ++
Label:Flying Nun

Artist: Fat Freddy’s
Song: Hope
Composer: C. Faiumu, D. Tamaira, T.Laing, G. Nepia
Album: The Radio Active 89fm 21st Anniversary Compact Disc
Label: Radio Active

Artist: HDU and Peter Gutteridge
Song: Point that thing somewhere else
Composer: Gutteridge, Kilgour, Kilgour
Album:God Save The Clean - a Tribute to The Clean
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Darcy Clay
Song: Jesus I Was Evil
Composer: Clay, Bolton
Album:Jesus I Was Evil
Label: Antenna Records

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