3 Jan 2015

A History of Student Radio - Episode Two

From A History of Student Radio, 2:04 pm on 3 January 2015

A four-part journey through 45 years of student radio in New Zealand - the stars and bands who got their breaks, the politics, the music, the piracy and the ‘No. 8 wire’, sink or swim mentality.

Wednesday Night Jam, Radio Active 1985

Wednesday Night Jam, Radio Active 1985 Photo: Rhys B collection courtesy of AudioCulture

In part two – broadcasters who would go on to become household names recall their youthful antics in student radio, the ‘taste barons’ attempt to limit the playing of Joy Division and the station managers negotiate with their Student Associations amid the volatile political climate of the mid-80s.

Voices in Episode Two

Debbi Gibbs, Andrew Dickens, David Read, Simon Grigg, Graham Hill, Jude Anaru, Max Christofferson, John Kennedy, Sue Dempsey, Steven Joyce, Miles Buckingham, Nick Bollinger, Jim Scott, John Campbell, Stu Birch, Ania Glowacz, Jacquie Riddell, Mark Cubey, Michael Walls, Andrew Glennie, Tim Baird, Deirdre Newall, Graham Cockcroft

Music Details

Artist: Violent Femmes
Song: Blister in the Sun
Composer: Gano
Album: Violent Femmes
Label: Rhino

Artist: Clarence Carter
Song: I’m The Midnight Special
Composer: Carter
Album: 7” Single
Label: Fame

Artist: Peter Tosh
Song: Legalize it
Composer: Tosh
Album: Legalize it
Label: CBS

Artist: Stonehenge
Song: Wings Of Steel
Composer: Stonehenge
Album: 12” Single
Label: Jayrem

Artist: Putty in Her Hands
Song: NZ music
Album: Weird Culture Weird Custom: National Student Radio 1986
Label: National Student Radio

Artist: The Clean
Song: At The Bottom
Composer: Kilgour/Kilgour/Scott
Album: Oddities
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Minutemen
Song: Dreams Are Free Motherfucker
Composer: Mike Watt, D. Boon, George Hurley
Album: Buzz Or Howl
Label: SST

Artist: Grandmaster Flash
Song: The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel
Composer: Chase/Glover/Jackson
Album: Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
Label: Flashback

Artist: Jesse Saunders
Song: On & On (1984 Original Vocal Remix)
Composer: Saunders
Album: 12”
Label: Jes Say Records

Artist: Shannon
Song: Let The Music Play
Composer: Barbosa/Chilsolm
Album: 12 Inch Dance Greats
Label: Old Gold

Artist: Able Tasmans
Song: Buffaloes
Composer: Humphries/Keen
Album: A Cuppa Tea And A Lie Down
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: The Dead C
Song: Bad Politics
Composer: Russell/Morley
Album: Making Losers Happy
Label: Xpressway

Artist: R.E.M.
Song: Pop Song 89
Album: Green
Label: Warner

Artist: Crawbilly Creeps
Song: A Day In Lucky Gulch
Composer: Crawbilly Creeps
Album: Weird Culture Weird Custom: National Student Radio 1986
Label: National Student Radio

Artist: The Band Of The Royal New Zealand Air Force
Song: Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines
Composer: Goodwin
Album: The Band Of The Royal New Zealand Air Force
Label: Salem

Artist: Nirvana
Song: Negative Creep
Composer: Cobain
Album: Bleach
Label: Geffen

Artist: Joy Division
Song: Love Will Tear Us Apart
Composer: Curtis
Album: The Very Best Of Joy Division
Label: London

Artist: Straitjacket Fits
Song: She Speeds
Composer: Carter
Album: Melt
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Upper Hutt Posse
Song: E Tu
Composer: Hapeta,Hapeta
Album: Upper Hutt Posse: Dedicated 1988-1991
Label: Kia Kaha

Artist: The Jean Paul Sartre Experience
Song: Own Two Feet
Composer: Mulcahy/Yetton/Laing/Sullivan
Album: The Jean Paul Sartre Experience
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Public Enemy
Song: Fight The Power
Composer: Ridenhour, Sadler, Shocklee
Album: Fear Of A Black Planet
Label: Defjam

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