Tropical cyclone Jasper impacts Solomon Islands as it slowly moves away

12:54 pm on 8 December 2023
Rainfall watch for Tropical Cyclone Jasper

Rainfall watch for Tropical Cyclone Jasper Photo: The Solomon Islands Meteorological Service

The heavy rain associated with Tropical Cyclone Jasper has compromised water supplies in parts of Solomon Islands.

According to the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service latest update, the category 4 storm is slowly moving away from Solomon Islands but the strong winds and heavy rain associated with the system have been affecting the country.

The tropical cyclone warning previously issued for all provinces is now cancelled and downgraded to a strong wind warning.

The Solomon Islands Water Authority has extended the suspension of water from the Kongulai and Kombito sources.

Authority chief executive Carmine Piantedosi said the clarity levels at the two water sources are at unsafe levels.

She said it's a precautionary measure to turn off the supply to avoid providing unsafe water for consumption or use.

A boil water advisory is in effect for Honiara until further notice.

Transport services cancelled

The current bad weather situation has forced shipping operators to cancel their trips to most of the provinces.

With the festive season nearing its peak, people are now planning to travel back to their provinces.

However, the negative impacts of Cyclone Jasper are felt nationwide, and most ships are taking shelter at nearby harbours and bays in the Central Province.

A notice issued by Franjit Shipping Service on Thursday local time, advised the public and passengers of the cancellation of its services to Auki this week.

This was due to the adverse weather conditions.

Fairwest Shipping Company operating along the Honiara - Western route also issued an advisory about the cancellation of Fair Lady's trips.

It stated that MV Fairlady on Monday had taken shelter from the cyclone at Ringi Cove in the Western Province.

Another Fairwast Shipping vessel MV Marina II which operates a weekly service along the Honiara-Western route was forced to delay its return trip from Gizo to Honiara this week.

It was supposed to depart Gizo on Monday morning for Honiara.

However, it advised that once the weather improves, it would leave Gizo for Honiara on Friday morning local time.

Local media is also reporting that Solomon Airlines has also suspended its domestic flights since Tuesday this week due to the current bad weather.