14 Oct 2021

Bougainville MP frustrated at delays in shipping to outer islands

3:23 pm on 14 October 2021

The women's MP for North Bougainville says the people on the Carteret Atolls and Nissan, are frustrated at the continued delays to improving shipping services.

Amanda Masono-Getsi, who grew up in the Carterets, has just returned from a visit, by banana boat, in the same fashion as the late Health Minister, Charry Napto.

Six people on that voyage disappeared at sea and a coroner's hearing is due next month.

The MP said she was uncertain about making the trip, especially amid rumours that pirates may be involved in Mr Napto's disappearance.

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Photo: RNZ

In the end she said the trip was uneventful. But Ms Masono-Getsi said the people remain concerned at the shipping that they depend on.

"We are still waiting and the wait has taken ages and it's a bit frustrating when our people, going back home, seeing the conditions back home," she said.

"We are waiting for the government but it's frustrating when things seem to be delaying while our people suffer."

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