21 Jun 2021

Niue Premier spells out rules for visitors

8:35 pm on 21 June 2021

The Premier of Niue, Dalton Tagelagi, had made it clear that the island will only accept vaccinated visitors once its border is fully re-opened.

The premier had told Niue Broadcasting that it's only common sense.

Tagelagi has estimated it will be late August or September before quarantine free travel is allowed.

Niue Premier, Dalton Tagelagi

Niue Premier, Dalton Tagelagi Photo: RNZ Pacific / Jamie Tahana

He had issued an invitation to frontline workers in New Zealand to visit, if they need a break, as long as they are vaccinated.

The government said, meanwhile, from next month those visiting for work or family reasons will be required to pay for their managed isolation and quarantine stay.

This will cost each traveler $NZ150 per night, while an application for home quarantine will cost $NZ20.

The government is making exceptions for returning students and for people returning after medical referrals.

The number of passengers allowed into Niue per fortnight remains at 40 with the Scenic Matavai Apartments as the primary quarantine facility.

Only ten people wanting home quarantine are being allowed on the weekly flight, because that is the extent of the resources available to police.