27 Apr 2021

Australia needs to take action after an attack on refugees in PNG

9:26 am on 27 April 2021

The Australian Government is being called on to take action after an attack on refugees and asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea.

Last week armed gang members reportedly overwhelmed security guards at an accommodation complex in Port Moresby where 15 asylum seekers are housed by the Australian Government.

Four people are undertstood to have been seriously hurt during the attack.

Australia's Human Rights Law Centre said the attack is further evidence the Australian Government needs to end its cruel detention policy.

The Centre said after years of detention and medical neglect, the threat of violent attacks remains a constant fear for refugees held in both Nauru and PNG.

A lawyer with the HRLC, Scott Cosgriff, said there is simply no reason why these men should still be in PNG.

He said instead of taking responsibility for people under its care, the Morrison Government is knowingly keeping them trapped in a terrifying and dangerous situation.