6 Nov 2020

Lemanu and Talauega win American Samoa gubernatorial race

6:38 am on 6 November 2020

Unofficial results from the election office in American Samoa show Lemanu Sialega Mauga and Talauega Eleasalo Alo have registered a decisive win in the gubernatorial race.

The newly elected governor and lieutenant governor of American Samoa Lemanu Palepoi Sialega Mauga (Right) and Talauega Eleasalo Ale. 4 November 2020

The newly elected governor and lieutenant governor of American Samoa Lemanu Palepoi Sialega Mauga (Right) and Talauega Eleasalo Ale. 4 November 2020 Photo: supplied

Results released by the office show the pair securing 7,154 of the 11,861 votes counted, more than 60 percent of the votes.

According to the election office Lemanu and Talauega won 7,154 votes (60.3 percent) of the 11,861 votes counted Gaoteote and Faiivae garnered 2,594 votes or( 21.9 percent) , I'aulualo and Tapaau polled 1,461 votes, (12.3 percent) and Nua and Satele received 652 ballots, (5.5 percent).

Lemanu and Talauega won convincingly in all districts except Vaifanua, the home district of candidate for Senate President Gaoteote Palaie Tofau.

The margin however was just 44 votes.

The biggest victory for the winning camp was in Tuala-uta where they received 1,481 votes while all the other challengers combined had 936 ballots.

The campaign Committee Chairman for the winners, Malemo Tausaga, said the candidates will make their first public address today.

In the congressional race, Aumua Amata Radewagen registered a landslide win polling 9,880 votes or 83.5 percent of the total votes cast.

Her contenders Oreta Tufaga Mapu Crichton and Meleagi Suitonu Chapman polled 14.4 percent and 2.1 percent respectively.

Incumbent Congresswoman Aumua Amata is seeking a second term.

Incumbent Congresswoman Aumua Amata is seeking a second term. Photo: Supplied/United States Congress

Aumua carried all of the 17 districts to win a fourth term as American Samoa's congresswoman.

In the local House of Representatives election 16 of the 20 incumbents were re-elected in yesterday's voting.

They were:

Fetu Fetui Jr in Manu'a District #1- Tau, Fitiuta and Faleasao, Tiaoali'i Fauagiga Sai in Manu'a District #2, Ofu, Olosega & Sili, Titialii Kitara Vaiau in Saole, Luaitaua Gene Pan in Sua #1, Vailoata Eteuati Amituanai for Maoputasi #1: Fatumafuti, Fagaalu and Utulei, Vailiuama Steve Leasiolagi in Mauputasi #2: Fagatogo though he was ahead by only two votes against Ifopo Maugaoalii Sipa Anoa'i, Vesiai Poyer Samuelu in Mauputasi #3:Pago Pago, Vaetasi Tuumolimoli Moliga was re-elected in Mauputasi # 4 Satala, Atuu and Leloaloa, by just four votes ahead of Tapai Alailepule Benjamin Vaivao, Faimealelei Anthony Fue Allen won re-election in Mauputasi # 5- Aua, Manumaua Wayne Wilson and Logoituau Mark Timoteo Atafua who is stranded off island, have been re-elected in Ituau: Nu'uuli, Fagasa Matu'u and Faganeanea, Andra Tereise Samoa has been re-elected in Leone with a runaway victory, House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale has been re-elected in Alataua, Incumbents Larry Simou Sanitoa and Samuelu Ioka Meleisea has won re-election in Tuala-uta.

The incumbents who lost their seats were:

Vesi Talalelei Fautanu Jr who will be replaced by Alumamalu Ale Sea Filoialii in District# 1- Manua, Tupua Shaun Va'a, who will be replaced by Lavea Fatulegaee Palepoi Mauga, whom Tupua had replaced after the last House election, Loia Gutu lost to Avagafono Tuavao Vaimaga Maiava in Sua #2, Timusa Tini Lam Yuen was unsuccessful in Tuala-tai and is replaced by Manavaalofa Tutuila Manase, Gafatasi Afalava lost the Leasina election to Ape Mike Asifoa.

Su'a Alex Jennings is returning as the faipule for Swains , after being selected in a meeting of Swains voters last week.

These unofficial results, released by the Election Office this morning, will be made official after 7 days.