Covid-19 in Tahiti claims three more lives

10:09 am on 23 September 2020

Three more people have died in French Polynesia's Covid-19 outbreak, which has seen a rise of about 1000 cases in the past month.

An ambulance enters the Taaone hospital in Papeete, the French overseas territory of Polynesia. (2014)

Photo: AFP

The three had been in intensive care in Tahiti.

They were a woman in her late 60s and two men in their late 70s.

Two weeks ago, a couple in their 80s were the territory's first Covid-19 related fatalities when they died within a day of each other.

There have been more than 1300 cases since the beginning of August after the borders were reopened and mandatory quarantine was abolished to boost tourism.

Projections by the government suggest the peak of the latest wave won't be reached until January, raising concern for the health system's ability to cope with the pandemic later this year.

French Polynesia had 62 cases in the first wave from March to June when the borders were shut and a lockdown imposed.