Just one active Covid-19 case in Arkansas Marshallese community

3:47 pm on 15 September 2020

A doctor in America's northwest Arkansas is cautiously optimistic they are on top of the Covid-19 threat in the local Marshallese community.

Dr Sheldon Riklon

Dr Sheldon Riklon Photo: Pacific Leaders

That community has been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic with nearly 2,000 infected and 47 deaths from a population of just 15,000.

Sheldon Riklon, who is himself of Marshall Island heritage, is part of a taskforce that has been battling to turn figures around.

Dr Riklon said the latest information was that there was just one active case involving a Marshallese.

He said there was cautious optimism.

"There's other things happening in the community with the opening of schools and now with the flu season starting up - we are also concerned about that. It's been such a long process and time period that we are hoping that people continue to do what they need to do and not relax at this time."