31 Aug 2020

Samoa switches off analogue TV broadcasts

7:48 pm on 31 August 2020

Samoa has today turned off all analogue television broadcasting, marking the completion of its switch to digital TV transmission.

television antennae

Photo: 123RF

A statement from the office of the regulator described the change from terrestrial analogue to digital as a historical moment for Samoa.

It said analogue TV transmission was first commissioned in 1993 and that since much sacrifice and hardwork had gone into achieving full digitalisation.

The regulator is advising all Samoans who have yet to transition to the Digital TV platform that they will need a new digital set-top box, antennae and cables to access the new platform.

It said the higher higher image and sound quality and interactive services of Digital TV will benefit the future economic, social and educational needs of the country and its people.

The regulator also thanked local TV broadcasters, service providers, the media and other stakeholders for helping see the digitisation of TV in Samoa through to fruition.