Tahiti court fines owner of abandoned Taiwanese longliner

7:48 pm on 27 August 2020

The owner of a Taiwanese fishing boat abandoned in French Polynesia three years ago has been fined almost $US10 million for failing to comply with environmental standards.

Tahiti Nui TV reported the order to pay was issued by the administrative court in Papeete.

French Polynesia's court building

French Polynesia's court building Photo: RNZI

The court found that no effort was made on part of the owner to remedy the situation by removing remaining fuel and disposing of the hull.

The 29-metre long boat Sheng Long Yu 21 had run onto the reef of North Marutea in late 2017.

Its 14 crew were rescued by the French Polynesian authorities but the capsized boat was abandoned.

In March, another fishing boat Shen Gang Shun 1 ran aground in Arutua, which is also in the Tuamotu archipelago.

Its Chinese owners are yet to retrieve the wreck in whose hold shark meat was found.