21 Aug 2020

Norfolk Island to seek Royal Commission investigation

4:06 pm on 21 August 2020

The Norfolk Island Regional Council wants a Royal Commission to assess the changes Canberra has made to the island over the past five years.

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Photo: Norfolk Government

It also wants the Commission to make recommendations to improve relations between the island and the Commonwealth.

The Australian federal parliament voted in 2015 to end Norfolk's partial political and economic autonomy.

It involved removing the legislative council, applying Australian laws, taxation systems and social services.

A regional council, with much reduced authority, was also set up.

The council said the moves were not what the islanders had been seeking, that the changes were denying them democracy and that it was threatening the cultural heritage of some, (such as the descendants of the Pitcairn Islanders).

Mayor Robin Adams said to maximise the community's chance at enjoying the future they deserved, it was necessary to acknowledge and confront some of the key matters which had historically fostered division between Norfolk Island and the Commonwealth.